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Polishing A Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors provide an elegant and comfortable ambiance to any home. As such, it is every home owners dream to maintain that kind of hearty atmosphere in their house, for the longest time possible. In order to preserve this pleasing attribute of hardwood floors, it is imperative that you take good care of it. You must stop time and some environmental factors from corroding its value. Polishing hardwood floors will bring back their fading luster. And by far, it is the best and most economical method to preserving its beauty.

It is amazing how simple activities can cause that much difference in the condition of your hardwood floors. These actions are often disregarded but in reality, they are actually of big help to hardwood floor restoration.
To refurbish your hardwood floor with that glowing shine, try out these tried and tested methods.

• Clean your hardwood floor with hardwood cleaner products that’s made specifically for your floors. Choose a commercial hardwood cleaner that are not water-based, so that they effectively remove stains and hard sticking particles on your floor. Use a broom or vacuum cleaner in ridding your floor of dust. For hard to remove stains, you can use a stiff nylon scrub brush. Just be wary of using water and some water-based solvents because they can cause damage to your hardwood floors.

• Use a buffer machine to achieve that radiant and even glow on your hardwood floor. It can refinish your hardwood floors minus the back strain. It also helps prolong your hardwood floor finish and prevents it from peeling off quickly.

• Apply wax or any hardwood polishing solution after you’ve buffered the floor. Preferably, use a paste wax because it lasts longer. Though, you may experience some handling problems, paste wax provide your floor with a more noticeable shine as compared to other polishing solutions. But, depending on the availability and your preference, you can just as easily use a polishing solution instead.

It must be emphasized that manual application produces better results. So allow your body some exercise, while doing something worthwhile for your house. You can apply hardwood floor polish at least once a year, and even go beyond that, given the need. It would also be nice if hardwood floors in homes were polished every couple of years. But in an office environment where there is greater foot traffic, it would be best if the floors were to be polished every 6 months.