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Polymer Resins Technical Guidance Note Updated

FeRFA’s Guide to Flowable and Trowel Applied Polymer Screeds as Underlayments for Resin Floor Finishes (TGN08) has been updated. Based on the previously published Guide to Flowable Polymer Screeds, new sections have now been added to cover trowel applied screeds. This guide aims to identify the criteria for these types of screeds when they are used as an underlayment for a resin floor finish.
The document covers the selection criteria in terms of the key factors which should be determined in order to establish the most suitable specification. Topics in this section include suitability and preparation of existing substrate, damp proof membranes, surface regularity, screed depth and strength and overlaying times. Further sections within the guide cover the application method, joints and surface preparation.
The eight-page document can be freely downloaded from the FeRFA website and is one of 15 technical documents produced by FeRFA on resin flooring, all of which can be downloaded from the publications page of the FeRFA website.

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