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Proven & Tested Flooring

There a lot of flooring nowadays but some are not that yet that popular. There are plenty of companies today claiming that they have flooring products that are proven to be long lasting. Now, it is implied that with proper care and maintenance, any kind of flooring is able to put deterioration on hold. However, as modern technology is advancing, the quality of flooring today is far more remarkable than previous days. Some are even endowed with the most amazing and unparallel characteristics. From water resistance to fire resistance and now, as sound reducer, these outstanding flooring product features is made available for consumers today.

Hardwood flooring- is one of the oldest kinds of flooring that is still being used today. This type of flooring has repeatedly proven its worth in ages. But today hardwood flooring is not like the flooring you see in your grandmother house. It has become more durable, more elegant, and has currently more available varieties to choose from. Some of these are solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, and the parquet.

Solid wood flooring – It is the standard or the traditional strip flooring. Commonly, this hardwood flooring subclass has two types of thickness – the ”3/4” and the 5/16”. The “3/4” variant is usually ideal with nail installation while the “5/6” is suitable for glue application.

Engineered wood flooring – This type of flooring have great resistance to contraction and expansion, by virtue of its manufacturing. This type of flooring is made from different species of wood glued together to create multiple layers of resilient wood compenents.

Parquet – This type of flooring is otherwise known as the “mosaic flooring”. This well known flooring product features a unique design and it is ideal for living rooms and areas of public display. Most parquet flooring are composed of geometrical shapes that are combined together to make holistically fabulous design.

Although hardwood flooring is tested by ages, the fact that it is made of wood still remains. And as such, it is susceptible to damage. Wood has weakness against water, moisture, and sunlight. So never install this type of flooring in areas of high humidity like basement and below ground level.