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Realistic Stone and Tile Looks in Vinyl Flooring

In home decorating, natural stone and ceramic tile make beautiful flooring materials. We are captivated by their unique beauty – random patterns that flow organically, beautiful textures, soothing earthen colors. As luxurious and beautiful as stone and ceramic are, they make hard, unforgiving floors that are impractical for most homeowners, especially those with active families.

But there is an alternative . . . vinyl flooring.

Natural looks of luxury vinyl and vinyl sheet flooring

You can get the realistic look of natural stone and kiln-fired ceramic tile in luxury vinyl and vinyl sheet flooring. The newest generation of vinyl flooring is not simply a two-dimensional imitation of natural elements. Today’s luxury vinyl tile, for example, uses innovative embossing technology to create authentic-looking visuals. Stone looks in luxury vinyl show clefts, intricate veining and variation of color. These are the same patterns found in natural stone like slate, quartz and travertine. The ceramic looks in luxury vinyl tile likewise have true-to-life colors, subtle shades and believable textures that give these tiles depth and realism.

With luxury vinyl, you get the elegant look of real stone and ceramic without the cold and brittle feel. In fact, luxury vinyl feels warmer and softer underfoot. And unlike stone and ceramic, luxury vinyl easily tolerates the spills and drops that are routine in a busy household. To clean, all that’s needed is regular sweeping and an occasional damp moping, and your luxury vinyl will look like new for a long time.

Another soft flooring option is vinyl sheet. Some collections deliver highly realistic stone and ceramic looks. You’ll also find vinyl sheet products using 3D technology to capture the nature-inspired colors, unique markings and patterns of the most beautiful raw materials carved from the earth. The patterns available in vinyl sheet include a wide range of attractive options like mosaics and rustic pavers.

Vinyl sheet flooring also has a resiliency that makes it comfortable to walk and stand on, plus it’s a durable material that resists scratches, scuffs and stains. Both vinyl sheet and luxury vinyl are excellent flooring choices for high moisture areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms.

With their amazing realism, durability and easy maintenance, luxury vinyl or vinyl sheet are definitely the types of floors you want to come home to.

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