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Refinish Hardwood Floors

Many have been asking this question and not long ago, it might have made more sense to sand and refinish hardwood flooring before replacing it. It can potentially save money, but is it worth the hassle?

Today’s hardwood floors are vastly superior to those made in years past, so that’s one thing to consider before you take on a hardwood floor refinishing project. Is the old floor worth it? Are you doing this to save time, money, or do you just love your old wood floor?

If it’s an issue of wanting to save money and you’re planning to have your hardwood flooring professionally refinished, the cost might be similar dependent on who performs the work. And you’ll want someone reputable, because the mess created by sanding and refinishing hardwood floors can remain in a home forever.

Tiny sawdust particles, finish chemicals and dirt permeate the air and if not properly removed can coat everything in your home. It’s nearly impossible to remove all of it, but there are companies who do a better job than others and the better ones will be higher on the price scale.

Try not only to compare the actual costs, but also the amount of time it will take, if that time has a value to you, the benefits of having a new floor vs. an old floor, and whether or not it’s worth an extra minimal investment to have a manufacturer backed warranty and superior manufacturer applied surface protectant.