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Right Cleaning Regime Is Key For Resin Flooring

Helen McGachie, ceo of FeRFA, explains the benefits of using resin flooring where hygiene is important::
THE ability of a floor to be cleaned and maintained to a very high level of hygiene must be the key priority for any food preparation area.
Being seamless, resin flooring is the ideal choice for this type of environment by offering hygiene, slip resistance and cleanability.
Resin floors are tough resilient systems, however, for the performance characteristics of the floor to be maintained, an appropriate cleaning regime should be agreed in advance to maintain the characteristics and performance of the floor.
The cleaning regime will itself be determined by a number of factors; the type of resin flooring installed, the type and frequency of traffic, the degree and type of soiling and specific hygiene requirements.
Failure to clean floors correctly will affect the slip resistance. It is therefore important to implement an effective cleaning regime in conjunction with the client and this should preferably include regular testing of the slip resistance to ensure that the required performance is being maintained.
FeRFA works with its associate member, Campden BRI who provide specialist technical support and training for the food, drink and allied industries. We recently reviewed and updated the FeRFA Guide to Cleaning Resin Floors.
The guide is available to download from the FeRFA website.
The guide gives useful guidance on cleaning methods and equipment for each of the resin flooring types in accordance with the FeRFA Classification/BS8204-6, along with general tips and advice.
n Footnote: The application of resin flooring is a specialist skill and we always recommend that an experienced and qualified resin flooring contractor, such as a FeRFA contractor, is consulted.
For more information on using seamless resin floors in the food environment, the following guides are free to download from the FeRFA website (
Assessing the slip resistance of resin floors;
FeRFA guide to the specification and application of synthetic resin floors; and
FeRFA guide to cleaning resin floors.

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