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Robostium Strand Bamboo Flooring

If you like the idea of being green and you find yourself on a budget most interior design sources would say you’re out of luck. They don’t have access to super sustainable products at super sale prices. So that is the normal reaction – being green in flooring will cost you alot of green.

However, if you haven’t yet discovered the extra DIY friendly (easy to install flooring) known as Robustium Strand Bamboo Flooring you are about to be delighted.

The two most popular colors of strand are available in a very easy to to install plank size and has the hardness that is similar to Brazilian Cherry. However Robustium is better than Brazilian cherry because it has all the hardness of exotic hardwoods at a fraction of the cost! And it doesn’t cut down any tropical rainforests – it is from the ultra fast growth bamboo which is regenerated every 5 years naturally.

Robustium has a very high density fiber core which is in itself a very earth friendly product with a great surface finish wear layer.

If you have considered budget flooring and want something green, something tough and something that is easy to install – you should consider Robustium bamboo!
robustium strand bamboo flooring