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Saving Money On Flooring

Everyone wants to save money on new flooring and there’s no shame in saving as much money as you can. And if you’re willing to put forth a little effort, the savings on flooring you can receive is substantial and the effort you expend will be well worth it.

The fact is that the flooring industry has changed a lot in the last twenty years. It seems there was a flooring store on every corner, but today they are harder to find.

There are a lot of reasons for this, from the housing market crash to the home centers making a concerted effort to grow the flooring side of their businesses. However, they weren’t necessarily offering the best prices on flooring.

In 1996, Pergo would introduce laminate flooring to the U.S. market and all of the sudden, more consumers were willing to buy the material and perform a diy floor installation. It was now much easier to do, and as time went on, a click laminate would be offered that required no glue. The boards connected at an angle then snapped down into place over a flooring underlayment. No nails, no adhesives, and as you can imagine, this made installation possible for most anyone.

Because of these new easy to install floors, this paved the way for internet flooring retailers to offer diy floors at a significant discount. The advantage was their not having the massive overhead associated with a retail location. The customer had to pay shipping costs, but the savings were still substantial.

The next several years would bring about even more changes with the flooring industry and the types of floors available. Not only were there more options, but you could now get almost every type of floor with a click locking system. Bamboo flooring, cork flooring, hardwood flooring and even vinyl flooring could now be purchased and easily installed by the customer.

Even if the consumer wasn’t performing a diy flooring installation, the floors were still easy enough to install where the customer could have a handyman or someone with little experience do the work and still get a professional looking installation without having to look for a professional flooring installer.

All this would eventually lead to the internet flooring retailer becoming a major force to be reckoned with. Like everything else, consumers were finding that shopping on the internet for flooring was proving to be a viable way to get big discounts. Floor buyers were saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars on new flooring for their homes.

Today, the concept has more than caught-on, as almost everyone is at least researching the internet before making a decision. Those who don’t might not care and would just prefer to have everyone do everything for them and are willing to pay the additional cost to just have it handled. But those willing to take an extra step or two could get big discounts on flooring.