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Seamless Resin Is The Industry Stalwart

Helen McGachie, ceo of FeRFA (the Resin Flooring Association) explains why resin flooring is a good choice for industrial locations:

FORclientsinvolvedintheindustrialflooringsector, the decision to install or replace a floor can have a major impact on the running of the business.

When this involves essential repairs and maintenance to a flooring area, without which normal production or work activity could not continue, not only choosing the right system but also making sure it is installed correctly and within programme, is absolutely vital.

Every industrial flooring environment is unique in terms of its characteristics and requirements. For this reason, the performance of the flooring system has to be matched exactly to a specific environment, such as resistance to a range of chemicals, tolerant to temperature variation, static dissipative or provide a hygienic and slip resistant surface.

Seamless resin floors have a long and proven history in the industrial flooring sector because of their exceptional ability to perform in such an aggressive environment. Hard wearing and durable they definitely are, but resin floors no longer need to be dull and boring. By using a wide range of colours, the incorporation of coloured aggregates, and company logos, a resin floor will completely transform the industrial environment.
In all cases, the best way to choose any flooring systemistoseekspecialistadvicefromthe experts. As the association dedicated to seamless resin flooring, and the renowned centre of technical knowledge on this specialist area, FeRFA leads the way in providing advice and guidance.

The FeRFA website is a quick and easy way to start the selection process where a series of Guidance Notes provide up to date information and practical advice on the specification, performance, application and maintenance of Resin Floors.

A very useful guide is the FeRFA Classification (based on BS8204-6), which shows the various types of resin flooring, from Type 1 to Type 8, their areas of use and anticipated life dependent on product thickness, quality of the substrate and service conditions .

The installation of resin floors is also a specialist skill area, and for this reason FeRFA fully endorses a qualified workforce through the achievement of NVQ Level 2, leading to a FeRFA ID Badge and the CSCS Blue Skilled Card and above.

A qualified workforce raises standards in the industry and gives the client the assurance and evidence of the contractor’s ability to undertake the work involved.

All details of FeRFA contractors are listed on the FeRFA website:

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