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Simplest Yet The Toughest

There are a lot of floorings today. Some are very elegant and some aren’t. However, the most important thing your must consider in your home flooring choice is durability. Is the flooring material you like tough? Although most of the flooring materials today are quite durable, they can still be subject to damage. A single sharp object can easily scratch your flooring if you’re not careful. The sudden impact of a heavy object can easily dent your flooring too. Yes, some flooring materials may claim to be durable but the fact is, most will not be able to withstand unpredictable stressors heavy object and sharp objects. There’s no scratch resistant flooring. As such, flooring needs care and maintenance. Let’s be reminded that an innately strong flooring material will grow weak over time with improper use. In line with this, let me introduce you to bamboo flooring.

Bamboo is probably the hardest grass in the world. It comes from a species called “moso,” which are grown in countries with sub-tropical climates. China is currently the biggest distributor of this kind of material which is now being used as flooring in most homes. Now some environmentalist may find bamboo harvesting offensive against nature, since some animal species thrive on bamboo to survive. But there is no need to worry about this ecological consideration because the manufacturing of bamboo flooring does not strike any form of competition against animals like pandas. Yes, pandas do eat bamboo, almost 25 different species, but not the “moso” kind. This makes the creation of bamboo flooring environmentally sound. A byproduct of bamboo, bamboo floorings are one of the toughest and the hardest flooring materials today. It is even more durable than red oak and is a perfect alternative for cork flooring, being that they have almost the same characteristics. Like cork, bamboo comes from a high renewable source and is able to handle moisture and stain. It also has an insect repellant quality that makes it perfect for kitchen application. Although they have almost the same characteristics, cork flooring still does have some unparallel characteristics which bamboo flooring does not offer. Cork flooring is fire resistant and water resistant and it is also a great sound reducer. Made with a substance called suberin and structured with millions of tiny pockets, cork flooring effectively performs it purpose in any living space. Suberin is a waxy substance that prevents water from penetrating the floor. And the tiny pockets help diffuse sound. However, in terms in affordability, bamboo is cheaper compared to that of cork.

Now, if you are bored or sensitive towards the use of plant-derived flooring products, then you can use laminated flooring instead. This type of flooring is intentionally made to look like wood flooring, so you’d still be able to furnish the same elegance. However, it is purely synthetic and does not utilize any plant life. Most laminated floorings are made from a plastic material compounded in three to four layers; namely, the surface, core and, backing. These layers are joined together by two processes, the direct-pressure construction and high-pressure construction, and these give laminate flooring its trademark resilience. Although laminated flooring is not made of wood, it still affords the same warmth and benefits that hardwood flooring provides. Well known for its extreme durability, laminated flooring is perfect for high traffic areas.

All these types of flooring have their unique characteristics, and they are all tough. But this does not imply that it does not require maintenance. Proper knowledge about every small detail is also important to prevent damage to you’re flooring. Bamboo flooring and laminated flooring are the cheapest flooring today. But its characteristics can be compared to any expensive one, if it is use correctly. Price does not tantamount to quality. And in another sense, improper use of expensive flooring can be more disadvantageous than using a cheap one.