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Skirting Around The Options For Floor Profiles

Craig Pawson on finishing ‘extras’

RECENT trends for open plan living in the UK brings new challenges and exciting opportunities for flooring contractors.

With the housing sector still on shaky ground, homeowners are reluctant to sell and move.
Thus home improvements are becoming more commonon the basis that money invested in the current property should pay dividends later.

The refurbishment market isn’t only seeing small DIY projects, but more detailed enhancements such as pulling down internal walls to create a different living spaces, and often the move to more open- planned living. Insuchprojects,thechoiceof flooring is key. When walls come down, the floor becomes an effective design tool for defining different areas of use, such as dining, living room, kitchen and play areas.

It is not uncommon to have a variety of flooring treatments within one open plan area. Contractors therefore need to be aware of the different options in thresholds, skirtings and mouldings to ensure that the finished floor not only looks good, but works on a practical level too.

I Profiles: Wood flooring profiles are available in many different species, enabling contractors to choose appropriate material for projects.

It depends on the floor surface used and contractors should consider ensuring that architraving, skirtings, mouldings and thresholds are appropriately specified and finished to ensure success.

The choice of profiles from material to shape and colour is wide. Profiles allow you to seamlessly blend two flooring surfaces together, mainly used to differentiate between two areas.

Mouldings cover many profiles and skirting qualities, providing most conceivable sprectrums of application from functional base or fluted skirtings to protective corner skirting profiles.

Look for systems that are easy to install – for instance, Osmo’s systems feature fixation materials using specially developed ‘clip’ technology, and options are available for interior and exterior, end-, bridging- and pliable profiles.

I Skirting: Using beautifully formedandfunctionalskirting profiles, contractors can put the finishing touch to

any floor.

As well as pre-finished, ready-to- install profiles many different unfinished profiles are also available for individual creativity.

Real bespoke design can be created by using skirtings. Many homeowners want something which is different.
While the floor is sometimes limited in what it can achieve, there is always room for personal taste in the features, such as skirtings. However, the customer might not think of this, so it is down to the contractor to offer the options.

Not only does skirting look great, it also offers protection to the wall and the floor, which otherwise would not be finished correctly and could subject to damage.

Craig Pawson is Osmo’s wood and finishes specialist

T: 01296 481220

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