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Small In Size But With Huge Impact

Helen McGachie, ceo of FeRFA, outlines the role and significance of the resin flooring association:
FeRFA, the trade association which represents the resin flooring and surface preparation industry sectors, has been in existence for 44 years.
In comparison to many construction trades, the resin flooring sector may seem quite small, but in terms of influence, it has a huge impact across the UK manufacturing sector alone, where it provides high performance and durable flooring to withstand the most rigorous of processing environments.
Whilst originally developed as an industrial flooring system, a commitment to technical development and innovation has now resulted in resin flooring systems that offer impressive durability and wear resistance, together with aesthetic and design appeal.
The versatility of resin flooring systems is showcased each year when the FeRFA Annual Awards are presented. The excellent quality of all award applications and the diversity of resin flooring applications, across different sectors, from designer studios, retail and prestigious new build projects, to traditional industrial flooring, is clear evidence of the growing markets and new opportunities for resin flooring systems.
This year, the resin flooring industry will be coming together on Friday November 15, at The Belfry Hotel for a one-day industry exhibition and seminar event, followed by the prestigious awards dinner.
As with any flooring system, choosing the correct resin flooring system is essential to ensure that it meets the specific requirements of the user. All resin flooring systems are based around the FeRFA Classification/BS8204-6 which defines eight basic types in terms of thickness, intended use, and the type, extent and frequency of trafficking.
The best place to learn more about resin flooring and its application is definitely the FeRFA website
The website has been specifically developed to provide the most comprehensive source of information on the correct selection process, as well as specific guidance on specialist applications, where properties such as chemical resistance, static dissipative and slip resistance are required.
Information on resin flooring is available within a series of FeRFA guidance notes which cover a wide range of useful topics, and are free to download from the FeRFA website.
The installation of resin floors is a specialist skill area and FeRFA, as the association representing resin flooring fully endorses a qualified workforce through the achievement of NVQ Level 2 and above. A qualified workforce raises standards in the industry and gives the client the assurance and evidence of the contractor’s ability to undertake the work involved.
For more information on FeRFA and resin flooring, please visit the FeRFA website at
T: 01252 714250

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