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Commercial Flooring News

Soft Surfaces Supersede Expectations

By Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID; Chair Holder CMG

I have been on a search for some trendsetting residential carpet styles to share with you. Looking for the best, most innovative styles has been great fun, and I think these next few paragraphs may surprise you.

The question is: are styles trending bolder and brighter or more subtle and subdued? The answer to that is: both! Manufacturers have balanced their product ranges with carpets to meet just about every taste from traditional to contemporary. If I had to identify a key trend in carpet, it would be TEXTURE. It is the most important design element driving new carpet introductions.

Antrim hand woven carpets and rugs has taken shag construction to beautiful lengths. They created “Maldive Shag”, a luxurious extra-long pile height of silky, high sheen fibers. The “hand” of this extraordinary rug matches its silky look. Silvery, metallic color choices are the crowning touch moving this style to royal status.

Fabrica has long had a reputation for making high-definition carpet styles. Harlow, Art Deco, and Montage play with shape and form, brought to life with LCL graphics construction. Varying pile heights create the “carved” pattern looks. The style Surge is a breakaway creation simulating free form sands of the ocean floor. Rhythm and linear movement bring a calming, contemporary feel to this style. Lastly from Fabrica, Seville sounds like a “Cadillac” style, and it is. This is a velvety, thick plush construction that shows off an exceptional color palette. Both neutrals and brights share the palette. This is a perfect example of one carpet style offering the full spectrum of bold/bright and subtle colors.

Tuftex Carpet Mills (Division of Shaw) is famed for authoring Shaggy Chic. This acclaimed style has earned longevity in their line, continually being re-colored and refreshed to stay relevant. Rather than the long, silky, lustrous yarns described in the Antrim Styles, Shaggy Chic is de-lustered, using oversized cable yarns combined with thinner, high-twist yarns to create a family style, comfortable carpet. This is a statement style for sure.

Kane Carpets is a master at creating printed carpets. Everything from contemporary animal print themes to Victorian floral re-creations can be found within the Kane product range. This manufacturer plays with color as well as pattern to accomplish visual drama or soft vintage looks–very effective.

Well there you have it—a mini mill tour of how residential carpets are trending for 2013 and 2014. Any way you want it, mills are making sure you can have it. It’s a great time to be shopping for soft floor coverings—so get out there and have some fun.