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Something That Can Really Save Your Floor

IN my role as an independent expert I often get complaints about floors buckling or expanding more than expected. One of the difficulties that I have is to get ‘real’ (accurate) facts from consumers and contractors alike. I am there to help and guide the best I can. I know that using my experience on how a wood floor has reacted I can say many of the issues are down to ‘internal humidity changes’ (humidity fluctuations within the home) beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions for their products. Speaking from experience my reports indicate what in my professional opinion has caused the floor failure.

However, a lot of guess work can easily be taken away, helping all concerned – consumer or contractor – by using a thermo hygrometer. I will often tell people that this is what they need. They then ask which one, where to buy it and how much it will cost. I think I have found the answer with the Save Your Floor Thermo Hygrometer, what a great name because that is exactly what you will be doing. I have been in discussions with a Canadian company who have sent me samples to test and then to give my honest opinion. Save your Floor is the only approved supplier to the three largest floorcovering buying groups in North America (CCA Global, which includes Carpet One Floor & Home, comprising 1,000 stores; Flooring America with 650 stores: ProSource – 150 stores: Abbey Carpet – 800 stores; and Shaw Flooring Network having over 2,000 stores). The company has also made the units for the National Wood Flooring Association which is celebrating its 40th year in business. It has also made units for flooring manufactures like Torly’s, Mercier, WD Flooring, Shamrock Flooring and Trillium.

My opinion is that it works well and is easy to use, inexpensive and will literally save your floors. It has all sorts of features which make it stand out. It has been designed for hardwood flooring professionals. Its features include: 1. Three times more accurate than other hygrometers sold by retailers. 2. It has a state of the art polymer thin film for higher sensitivity. 3. It has a ceramic substrate for faster response times. 4. Large LCD clear display with date, month and year. 5. The time can be set in 12 or 24 hours. 6. It even has a clock alarm if required. The best part of this thermo hygrometer for me, however, is the accuracy (+/- 3%) and that it records minimum and maximum temperature and humidity level, which is extremely useful if anything goes wrong with the floor and you suspect that the heating may have been off for sometime, but cannot prove it. With this instrument you can see straight away by simply pushing a button.

There are so many advantages with this instrument, not least its inexpensive price, so you can even give them away to your customers in a professional box and if required. You can even have your own logo put on the product. Humidity is one of the big issues I often come across when floors fail. By giving your customers one of these instruments, it will help them to control internal humidity and temperature levels not only for their wood flooring, but also for their own health. The end consumer will take extra pride in their new floor by being able to monitor and make the required adjustments. This is also the best insurance policy for flooring companies, almost ensuring that customers don’t come back complaining that they didn’t know the humidity levels in their home, or that they even needed to know about humidity in the first place.

For a long time I have tried to educate retailers, contractors and end consumers in the importance of controlling humidity and temperature in the home. But until now I have never been able to recommend anything that I trusted to be accurate. Now that I know that this instrument has been used in North America for almost three years, I can recommend it as the best thing for the UK hardwood industry. So why risk floors failing when it can easily be prevented. Now before anyone says that I must be getting a good commission from the suppliers, let me tell you I will be getting nothing. It is my choice and I am happy to be able to recommend something that will save your floor. This is an ideal product for distributors to sell. So anyone interested in the Save Your Floor Thermo Hygrometer should contact me and I will email you all the contact details of the company and you can do your own negotiations.


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