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Specifying Carpet Tiles

Angus Fotheringhame, general manager UK and Ireland at Forbo Flooring Systems, explains how contractors can stay ahead of the game when it comes to specifying carpet tiles: MODERN business environments
have evolved greatly over the last few decades, with a profound shift from the compartmentalised, hierarchical office layouts of old, to a much broader, open-plan working environment.

With this has come a new and fresh way of approaching floor design and for contractors, it is knowing how to combine elements together to form a stylish design that not only ticks the box when it comes to the ‘wow’ factor, but that also performs in terms of maintenance, installation and costs.

Indeed, contractors need to be armed with the knowledge of supplier propositions and solutions that will deliver from inspiration to installation and beyond. The design trend of late seems to be adopting a more simple approach to the interior scheme.

Fashion statements for the clothing industry and for the home are dictating a vivid and bold look, made possible by the use of strong block colours, moving away from the ‘fussier’ patterns. Bright colours will continue to influence flooring fashions and many manufacturers have integrated striking shades into their ranges, providing high impact options.

The clever use of tiles affords contractors the opportunity to create a truly modern design- orientated installation, providing scope to brighten up interiors, with bold colours and highlighted shades used to create maximum impact. This is where our modularity proposition comes into its own.

Using a modular format can result in increased speed of installation and also less wastage, saving the contractor and their client both time and money. Time can be saved due to the fact that contractors do not have to sort the tiles into batches before starting the installation. In addition, tiles can be ordered in quantities as low as a single box, removing the need to order and store spare stock.

Moreover, by using certain random lay tile propositions, contractors can install the tiles in a completely unsystematic fashion and yet the unique modular patterns result in an attractive, seamless appearance

once installed.

One of the major advantages of random lay tiles is that fitting waste is kept to an absolute minimum – less than 2% – due to the fact that almost every off-cut can be used, whilst speed of installation is increased as there are no directional rules to follow and no need to check the pile direction.

Random lay propositions afford the contractor a sense of freedom in planning as the tile can be used either on its own to create dramatic interior spaces, or alternatively, it can effectively be combined together with other modular textile or resilient ranges to create a beautiful flooring

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