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Steer Clear Of Steam Cleaning Wood Flooring

Roy Wellard on maintenance

MOST contractors I speak to know how a wooden floor should be maintained after installation and finishing. But when floor-owners call me to discuss problems with the look of their floor, I often find they are maintenance related and they have no instructions for on- going care.

So here is a recap of the most important points:

Whatever treatment a wood floor has received it will require some form of maintenance, which will be
affected by many factors such as the type of finish, level of trafficking, the weather and the position of door ways and other fixtures.

Preventative maintenance is crucial for all wooden surfaces and the provision of matting which is large enough to prevent dirt and grit being taken onto the floor is highly effective at prolonging the appearance and life of

the floor.

For the same reason, all types of wooden floors should be cleaned, preferably daily, using a dry method such as sweeping or vacuuming. This will remove any abrasive par ticles which will scratch the floor.

Soluble dirt can be removed from commercial floors by using a spray buff system or scrubber drier. Bona’s Deep Clean System is a versatile machine as the detergent it uses is suitable for both oiled and

lacquered surfaces.

There are many specialist cleaners on the market for domestic use but our spray mop is ready to use and applies minimal liquid to the floor.

Your customer will be pleased not to have to resort to an old fashioned mop and bucket.

Please try to talk customers out of using a steam cleaner on their wooden floor! They leave too much liquid on the sur face and the steam is forced into the joints and will cause the floor to lift and swell over time.

A wax based polish can provide furtherprotectionforlacquered floors although this is not always a good idea as the floor cannot receive further coats of lacquer without sanding it right back to bare wood. An alternative treatment for when the floor becomes dull or slightly scratched would be a water based refresher.

Oiledfloorsaresimpleto maintain which is why they can be ver y useful in situations where time for refurbishment is limited. In addition to regular sweeping and vacuuming, and damp cleaning as required, fur ther applications of maintenance oil should be made when the floor beginstolook‘dry’.

In a domestic setting this is usually needed only once a year, but in commercial environments it may be necessary several times each month. Bona produces documentation for contractors to leave with customers to help them care for commercial or domestic floors.

Roy Wellard is technical sales representative, London/South East for Bona

T: 07775 844585


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