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Sticking Points

Floorlayers have a wide selection of adhesives from which to choose:

B A L adhesives and grouts were used in the world-famous Beamish Museum in County Durham, in Davy’s Fried Fish Shop, a new addition to the museum’s Pit Village. The Edwardian shop featured in a BBC2 documentary in April 2012, showing how the takeaway trade developed from Victorian times.

The shop floor is tiled with reclaimed Ruabon Quarries tiles and its walls are decorated with striking ceramic tiles, many originally made by Glasgow’s Duncan & Son and collected in 1979 from Cowes Fish and Game Shop, Berwick upon Tweed. Other contemporary tiles were reclaimed from several sources, with a few new tiles fabricated to match.

Tiling was done by John Foley and Son (Tilers), Newcastle-upon- Tyne, using BAL Stone and Tile PTB and BAL Single Part Flexible with BAL Superflex grout.

Nick Foley, director, said: ‘The tiled area was relatively small, at 120sq m, but it is on permanent public display and everything had to be perfect. We consulted BAL throughout, having always found that their expertise is both unmatched technically and delivered with complete impartiality.’

‘The Beamish people care about providing an authentic experience for visitors. They are delighted with the standard of the workmanship and reassured that the very best materials were used.’

Bona R844one-component silane-based ‘soft elastic’ adhesive is for installing engineered wood floors. Its soft properties reportedly make it easy to spread with good adhesion to all types of substrate. It is water and solvent-free and is claimed to cause practically no swelling of the wood.

R844 is said to be clean to work with, easy to wipe off the wood’s surface and to remove from your hands. It is also compatible with other Bona products (damp proof membranes, fillers, coatings etc). The company’s technical team will offer practical advice to contractorson installingwood floors using adhesives. Technical and safety data sheets are also available.

Bond It isaBritish-based manufacturer and supplier of adhesives, sealants and other building chemicals, including Schonox Emiclassic, a universal flooring adhesive, said to offer a high bond strength and rapid curing properties while being suitable for both pressure sensitive and wet adhesion.

Schonox Emiclassic is claimed to be suitable for bonding 97% of all floorcoverings to both porous and non-porous subfloors. This includes PVC, linoleum sheet, cushioned vinyl, carpets and cork as well as
synthetic rubber coverings up to 4mm thick. Plus, it’s also suitable for use with underfloor heating systems, says Bond It.

This product is also completely solvent-free, conforming to Emicode EC1PLUS, an independent quality control scheme that rewards products with very low carbon emissions. This is said to be particularly beneficial when working in in occupied buildings.

F Ball and Co ismarking the 40th anniversary of its Recommended Adhesives Guide (RAG) this year. First published in 1973, it contains 5,500 adhesive recommendations for floorcoverings endorsed by over 200 leading manufacturers.

The RAG is evolving, with new formats and versions to best suit the needs of contractors, utilising modern technology platforms. As well as being available in the traditional printed format, the RAG is now accessible through various digital versions, including interactive iRAG smartphone app and website edition.

The iRAG app was developed to create a relevant and helpful tool for contractors, letting them access the latest technology to search the RAG database while on-site or on the move.

Floorwise describesF544 as an all-purpose acrylic adhesive that guarantees a permanent bond for both carpet and vinyl flooring installations. Formulated to produce a high degree of initial tack for an immediately secure bond, F544 was also developed to reduce the chance of plasticizer migration.

Light in colour and non-staining, F544 is said to give off minimal odour. It is available in two quantities, a 15kg bucket providing between 40–50sq m of coverage for larger projects, or a 5kg bucket designed to provide 13–15sq m of coverage for smaller jobs.

G e k k o says flooring contractors who use its Gekko G1 adhesive applicator have increased productivity by up to five times compared to traditional methods such as trowelling.

The new system is claimed to have increased the efficiency of application while also reducing the amount of waste produced, thus improving the health & safety of its users due to its ergonomic design.

The battery-powered upright applicator is designed for fixing wooden flooring, either solid or engineered, while its spreader head allows for a clean and precise application across the width of the floor boards.

Alex Nunn, marketing director at Gekko says: ‘Time is money and by using The Gekko contractors can save as much as 20 minutes in every hour.’

Kerakoll H40EcoRapidis described as an extra-fast setting and hardening adhesive which quickly returns surfaces to normal use even at low temperatures, whilst keeping the same extended workability of about 20 minutes as slower setting adhesives.

When Spot On Services was appointed as contractor for Flybe training centre at Exeter Airport, tiling had to be rapidly completed to allow other trades to start work whilst fulfilling Flybe’s ecological criteria. H40 Eco Rapid is said to be in keeping with Kerakoll’s commitment to improve products to help the environment.

H40 Eco Tenaflex was also used in some of the tiling. This adhesive is seen as excellent for coverings in structures in constant contact with water, as it is stable even in the presence of alkaline hydrolis. Fugabella Eco 0.5 was used to grout all of the tiles.

Mapei reportsthatits Ultrabond Eco S955 1K, single component adhesive for wood flooring, was used to install 300sq m of Fineline Walnut and 350sq m of North American Walnut at the new large scale Indian restaurant

in Birmingham.

Ultrabond Eco S955 1K is described as a sililated polymer- based low VOC emission adhesive without water, solvents, amines, isocyanatesorepoxyresin.This formulation is said to ensure that installers who work in close proximity to the products aren’t subjected to any harmful gasses emanating from adhesives. Mapei’s sililated adhesives are designed to give high yield, covering up to 20- 30% more compared with conventional two-component adhesives.

Pallmann claimsitsP5 solvent-free wood flooring adhesive is not only better for the environment compared to solvent- based products but also produces hard elastic and simultaneously fast setting adhesive grooves, resulting in strong stability. It reportedly allows the flooring to be sanded and finished after 24 hours.

Pallmann also offers free to attend training courses including the five steps for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood floors. The courses provide hands-on experience for all aspects of wood floor installation, including adhesives. The sessions are run at the company’s technical forum in Rugby.

Pallmann claims that its floor installation systems are fail safe when used correctly. Floorlayers receive a two years warranty after attending each of Pallmann’s five steps training courses.

Sika PrimerMBand Acoubond products were specified for the refurbishment of the Mayfair London gallery of GazelliArt House, a commercial art organisation. The two-part epoxy resin primer was used in conjunction with the Acoubond soundproofing system to help install Dinesen Douglas fir flooring in the gallery’s ground and

first floors.

The installer first applied two coats of Sika Primer MB, a two-part solvent-free, low viscosity, epoxy resin, using a roller application. The epoxy resin was specified to act as both a damp-proof membrane and a moisture barrier but to also create a sealed and glossy surface appropriate for bonding the timber boards.

Acoubond was then laid on the hardened resin surface. This comprises a 3/5mm thick synthetic foam underlay 1.5m wide with thin pre-cut rectangular openings, which are filled with SikaBond adhesive. The floor was then ready for the 35mm thick and 300mm wide Dinesen Douglas fir boards to be laid. The boards, varying in length from 4.2m to 5.8m, were laid running the full length of the gallery.

The combination of foam mat and elastic adhesive are designed to create a timber floor that reduces sound passage and creates a more solid and comfortable floor, whilst accommodating the natural expansion and contraction of the wood. Sika offers a free Handbook iPhone and Android app.

Tarkett saysitsTarkoSpray adhesive can be applied from a standing position reducing fatigue and damage to the knees and back. The product is described as eco- friendly, CFC free with low emissions, having a fine spray designed to use 80% less adhesive.

TarkoSpray can reportedly be used for most vinyl floorcoverings, and carpet tiles with a PVC backing. There is no need for heavy buckets, special trowels or cleaning materials, says Tarkett.

It states that the floorcovering can be repositioned to get a perfect fit hours after the adhesive has been applied. Rolling with a 45kg roller finishes the installation and the floor is ready for welding, if required, or

immediate use.

Installing with TarkoSpray is claimed to be up to 70% faster than using a trowel adhesive, saving time and money.

Uzin saysitsSwitchTechigh- performance dry adhesive technology is odour-free and guaranteed to contain no solvents, resins or softeners. It is also said to offer exceptional reliability and five years guarantee.

SwitchTec adhesive products are described as quick and easy to apply. With Sigan 2, for example, a new carpet or PVC can be applied directly to existing elastic coverings without removing old coverings. This saves time and money, while also avoiding dirt, dust and noise.

Furthermore, the new covering is ready for foot traffic immediately and all areas are available for use without interruption. Other benefits regard future replacement.

When the covering applied with Sigan 2 becomes worn after years of use, it can be removed quickly and easily, without leaving any residue or adhesive, according to Uzin. It claims that 100sq m of flooring can be renovated in only six hours.


For further information on any of the products mentioned, contact the suppliers directly. And please remember to tell them that you read about their companies in CFJ:

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Floorwise 01509 673974
Gekko 0844 915 0159
Kerakoll 01527 578000
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