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Stylish Design Does Wonders For Workers

Julie Dempster, marketing manager at Forbo Flooring Systems, discusses the importance of office design: 
IT will come as no surprise that the interior design of an office can have a direct effect on workers’ creativity, attitude, job satisfaction and productivity.
In a world where companies try to do more with less, workplace design should promote teamwork, communication and efficiency. Poor layout, cramped workspaces and insufficient quiet areas can all have a negative effect on people in the workplace.
There are many design considerations when it comes to choosing the right flooring to create a more engaging or comfortable interior.
For contractors involved in the specification stage, it’s important to select products primarily for function, durability and safety. Yet as we know, aesthetics also have a very large part to play on how people perceive and interact with an environment.
Partnering with a flooring manufacturer with a comprehensive product portfolio can aid the design approach and theming of the project, can be a big advantage.
Many companies now want spaces that encourage health and wellness, providing the balance of stimulation for workers combined with a relaxing atmosphere.
This is where a synergy with nature is prevalent across new flooring ranges; drawing inspiration from the outside, bringing in earthy natural shades, raw material effects and textured surfaces, which add a warm and tactile element to any space.
This subtle natural-look maximizes the use of natural light and provides the perfect backdrop in any large open plan office for an injection of colour.
Contractors will notice this theme across luxury vinyl tiles in particular where manufacturing advances are opening a wealth of possibilities to deliver bigger XL sizes and formats including loose lay – ideal for open plan offices.
New embossed finishes and creative colours; from reclaimed and vintage woods with paint effects to bright linear abstract designs, are perfect for mixing and matching with new textured tiles and carpet tiles.
Demand for LVT in the office sector is forecast to grow by over 500,000sq m by 2016, according to projections by Palmer Market Research. This gives contractors a great opportunity to customise flooring designs.
By mixing a few key elements, such as flooring types, textures and colours, it is possible to create an appealing solution with a far greater impact than possible using the individual components alone.
With design trends constantly evolving, being up to date on the latest developments places contractors in an attractive position to provide customers with the best possible choice, while also offering sound, valued advice on the best product for the job in hand.

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