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Stylish & Elegant Flooring

All of us want stylish flooring with an elegant look. But we are hesitating to spend because of some of the materials needed are just too expensive. The Flooring Group provides more affordable cork flooring sale. And not only this, but several flooring materials are also up for cheap grabs, from laminate, to bamboo and hardwood flooring. Now you can afford that long overdue home renovation.

Different kinds of flooring have their own style and elegant look. As such, they work well on certain areas and poorly on others. Cork flooring and bamboo flooring are just two of the most perfect flooring materials for kitchen. Aside from being durable, these two are also health beneficial because of their insect resistant capability.

Cork flooring is more expensive than bamboo flooring because cork flooring has more advantages than the latter. For example, cork flooring has a sound reducing capability, in addition to being made from a naturally renewable source. This means that cork flooring is convenient to use and comfortable to walk on. Its hypo allergenic property also makes it safe for children.

On the other hand, bamboo flooring also has a few advantages of its own. Like cork, bamboo flooring is resilient against heavy foot traffic and damages. Because it is made from grass, it is more water resistant than any other wood flooring material too. Most home owners today choose bamboo flooring because of affordability. Unlike wood that come from tree commonly harvested for almost a decade to attain its maturity, bamboo is made from a very renewable resource. Bamboo flooring only needs 3-7 years to attain its full maturity. After harvesting a bamboo you don’t need to replant it, because it can and will spread out and regenerate by itself.