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Supersize LVTs Sure To Make An Impact

Fleur Carson, key account manager at Forbo Flooring Systems, focuses on trends in the Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) market: 
NOWADAYS manufacturers are being pushed to be more clever with their design foundations. Driven by a requirement to step away from the traditional LVT, recent ranges to hit the market allow for the opportunity to experiment with the latest on trend ‘form’ elements to create different design styles and effects.
Reflecting contemporary and emerging trends, collections are now being built around the concept of new and bigger tile shapes and sizes, whilst the mix and match modularity format, along with earthy neutral palettes and novel patterns are becoming increasingly popular.
These distinctive themes and shapes inspire new floor design concepts in traditional LVT markets such as hospitality, leisure and retail – adding a more creative touch for clients.
The penchant for larger plank sizes provides more opportunities for contractors to create bespoke designs, with options of up to a metre by metre. This allows for visually striking floor layouts with more impact.
Indeed, this supersize can offer a new level of realism that is ideal for mixing and matching, as well as being easy to install.
Contractors can expect to see all manner of new and exciting shapes within LVT ranges, from diagonally cut oak designs, where the grain runs at 90 degrees to expressive harlequin and 3-dimensional effects.
Developments in sophisticated cutting technology have also opened up a whole new world for manufacturers, as the more challenging shapes, such as triangles are now made possible.
Technically demanding and requiring absolute precision, these bold designs will add a signature look to any interior décor.
The clever use of tiles over traditional sheet vinyl makes it easier for contractors to mix and match multiple sizes, styles and formats of tiles, resulting in quicker and easier installation – at no added cost.
Combined with this is the flexibility and opportunity to create a truly modern design-orientated installation, providing scope to brighten up interiors, with bold colours and highlighted shades used to create maximum impact.
Contractors need to be armed with knowledge of supplier propositions and solutions that deliver from inspiration to installation and beyond.
The key is to partner with forward-thinking manufacturers combining leading-edge design with vinyl’s proven practicality and modular formats.

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