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The Age Of Resin

Resin flooring is being used in more and more sectors:

B A S F Construction Chemicals recently supplied its Ucrete fast flooring system at The Saucy Fish Co’s Grimsby fish-processing facilities. A food-grade anti-slip floor that would not contaminate the surrounding production environment with any odour was needed for an existing concrete slab, which was breaking up

in parts.

There was only a small window for application: Production ceased at 4pm on a Saturday, with cleaning down until 8pm. The area, to be back in production at 6am on Sunday, was still wet and only 10 hours was available to lay onto damp concrete.

Contractor Hull Resin Floors surface-dried the area and then applied Ucrete Fast Primer SC at a temperature of between 8-10degC. Four hours later 9mm of Ucrete UD200 fast flooring was applied; thiscuredinunderfivehours.The floor was prepared, primed, laid and back in service within the 10 hours available.

M a p e i reports that its resin and cementitious flooring line was used in a major refurbishment of Benetton Knightsbridge retail store. The 1,200sq m existing tiled floor was replaced with the Mapefloor System to create a decorative concrete look epoxy finish.

Firstly, the existing tiles were abraded using a HTC system, followed by the application of the system, comprising Mapei Primer SN two component epoxy filling primer; Mapefloor I 500 W two- component, multi-purpose, neutral- coloured epoxy treatment; Mapefloor Finish 52W two- component, semi-opaque, wear resistant polyurethane finishing compound and Mapecolor Paste ready-mixed colouring paste.
Benefits of the Mapefloor System are said to include good abrasion resistance, a strong bond to most
substrates, being impermeable to liquids and easy to maintain. It is available in 19 RAL colours
offered as standard with Mapecolor Paste.

Quaker Chemical supplied Rapidshield UV-curable floor coating system for Garmin’s Southampton facility including over 460sq m of pedestrian walkways and many hatched safety zones and logos. Continuous pedestrian and forklift traffic meant the different coatings used always faded and had to be renewed frequently.

Line renewal disrupted tight production deadlines. As delicate electronic items are involved parts of the warehouse being treated had to be completely cleared to protect them from contamination by solvents used in the coatings. Specialist floor coating contractor Euro Resin Solutions (ERS) used RapidShield to meet all
of the client’s requirements in a single solution.
As the product reportedly has zero VOC with no solvents or odours, the warehouse did not have to be emptied. ERS completed individual sections and handed them back at the end of each shift. Wayne Rockett, the
md, said: ‘The long life and cleanability of RapidShield has exceeded our expectations and we feel confident we have a long-term solution.’

R S L says its Resuthane TG69 water-based polyurethane resin screedisdesignedforfood production and manufacturing areas. The product is described as self-sealing and stable for steam
cleaning while being resistant to boiling liquids up to 100degC, important properties for environments needing to be kept clean and hygienic.

Resuthane has been made with the same formula for over 12 years. It has been approved as a non–taint and food safe product by Campden BRI; the UK’s largest independent organisation carrying out research and development for the food and drinks industry worldwide.

Other systems in the Resuthane range are designed to provide alternative hygienic features. Resuthane JT40 is a cove and wall render which can be used in conjunction with TG69 to form a hygienic cove detail around the perimeter or upstands of the floor and wall.

Where maximum hygiene is required there is Resuflor, a self- smoothing resin. This product has been supplied for over 25 years to laboratories, hospitals and the educational sectors. Resuflor is said to have outstanding wear properties and chemical resistance and does not support bacteria or fungal growth.

It comes in a range of colours and a decorative finish can be achieved using PVA flakes, which can create two or three different colours. This makes it suitable for where a highly functional yet attractive flooring system

is required.

RSL products have been supplied to projects requiring a hygienic finish, including, Hope Hospital, Greater Manchester Police, Unilever, Billingsgate Market and Kerry ingredients. Astra Zenica , Cadbury’s and Nestle.

Sika suppliedsolutionsfor Qatar-based Rizon Jet for its new UK terminal facility at London Biggin Hill Airport. The new two- level FBO (fixed base operator) and VIP Terminal comprises a 4,300sq m hangar, including workshops, battery rooms and kitchens.

Zircon Flooring, a major resin flooring specialist, installed 5,000sq m of hard wearing and slip resistant flooring surfaces including products from Sika.

For the 3,000sq m main hangar floor, for aircraft up to BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) and ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jetliner) size, Zircon specified Sikafloor 81 Epocem and Sikafloor 263. Sikafloor 81 Epocem is a 3-component epoxy modified cementitious self smoothing floor topping and temporary moisture barrier. Used as a 2mm thick damp proof membrane, this was topped with a 3mm layer of Sikafloor 263 to create the 5mm resin finish. Sikafloor 263 reportedly offers exceptional durability, abrasion and chemical resistance and is easily cleaned and maintained.

To create clearly distinguishable areas in contrast to the light grey floor of the main hangar, Zircon marked out designated walkways using Sikafloor 264 and a matt finish Sikafloor 304, applying a darker grey surface with green outlines to signify safe walkway areas.

Sikafloor 264 was also used for back of house areas, including private office space, lounge and children’s play area. In hangar areas where maintenance work would be carried out the flooring had to have an anti-static textured finish. Zircon applied Sikafloor 264 ASN Thixo two part textured high-build coloured epoxy resin which provides a liquid proof, gloss finish. It reportedly also offers good levels of chemical and mechanical resistance. All interior floor joints were sealed using Sikaflex Pro3 WF and column bases grouted with Sika Armorex Armorcrete.

S P E was recently asked to produce a multiple triple head surface grinding attachment to fit a customer’s MP6000 sit and ride preparation unit. It required the surface grinding of a concrete/asphalt product to expose both stone and sea shells blended into the material. The unit was originally purchased with shot-blasting and planing attachments. However it was proposed to use the MP6000 on a large outdoor grinding contract. SPE engineers designed and manufactured a solution based on its established DFG700 planetary grinding machine.

The planetary grinding heads were mounted into a custom built support frame allowing the heads to pivot in

all directions.

The whole attachment raised up and down hydraulically to allow various grades of diamond grinding tools to be fitted. Each head could be started / stopped and the grinding speed adjusted independently in a seated position by the operator.

The MPG700 triple was used to grind through various stages completing 10,000sq m of a sea front promenade to the specified finish in just one week.

SPE recently received a export bulk order of over 100 units comprising a mixture of its surface preparation and mixing equipment. This proves investment is again being made abroad in construction equipment machinery fleets.

Trem co illbruck supplied an integrated floor treatment specification to achieve a smart and hard-wearing surface finish at new workshops for a motor racing team based near Silverstone.

Thorney Motors, run by John Thorne, wanted to convert a former agricultural building to provide suitable premises. Thorney Motors prepares BMW and Vauxhall touring cars for the British Touring
Car Championship, the CSL Cup and Dunlop SportMaxx series.

Tremco illbruck’s regional technical sales manager Tony Lees examined the existing concrete slab before suggesting the use of ES300 Surface DPM, with compatible floor levelling compounds and surface finishes. He also recommended Swindon based contractor Surface Systems Coatings. The md Simon Dyminski, explains: ‘We first used dust controlled diamond grinding equipment to take off any contamination and to suitably prepare the surface. Over the rest of a three-day period we applied two coats of Tremco ES300 to suppress the moisture. We then levelled the uneven floor using Tremco CS375 industrial wearing screed, followed by Tremco CS350 self-smoothing epoxy screed in a light grey to complete the floor finish.’

Weber.Floor products from Saint-Gobain Weber have reportedly been developed for optimum speed of application. Being manufactured in the UK ensures availability with quick and efficient lead times whilst saving on transportation mileage and reducing the company’s carbon footprint.
Its high performance product

range is said to offer strength and durability in the most demanding industrial applications with its decorative screeds creating striking, durable and low maintenance coloured floor finishes.

Saint-Gobain Weber levelling compounds and screeds are claimed to be the most technically advanced on the market, providing consistent, reliable drying characteristics and optimum durability for application directly onto concrete, as floating or as unbonded screed including acoustic, insulated or heated floors.

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