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The Best Flooring for Fido & Friends

We want our homes to be comfortable, safe havens for all inhabitants . . . and that includes our four-legged housemates. Pets pose a unique challenge when it comes to interior decorating. At the top of the list is finding the best pet-friendly flooring. You want one that is beautiful, comfortable and easy to clean, yet durable enough to stand up to pet nails and those inevitable accidents.

While you might think carpeting is softer and more comfortable under paws, a hard surface is actually the best flooring for dogs (and cats!). Carpets absorb orders and harbor pet dander. Even worse, carpets stain. Remember, living with pets means frequent cleanings and more wear and tear.

Consider these pet-friendly flooring options:

Many dog owners go for luxury tile flooring because it offers the look of natural stone and ceramic without the hard, cold surface. In terms of its pet-friendly features, it’s scratch, wear, water and stain-resistant, yet feels warm and comfortable underfoot. Luxury tile flooring can be laid with or without grout. If using grout, look for a one that’s stain-resistant.
With one or more dogs in your home, laminate is another excellent, pet-friendly flooring option because it’s easy to clean and practically indestructible. Well known for its wear and stain resistance, laminate can handle the heavy traffic of active pets and kids. On top of that, it’s available with the looks and textures of real hardwood and stone. There are no restrictions to where you can use laminate, including bathrooms and high moisture areas. When installing, use laminate flooring glue to create a strong, water-resistant bond. This seals the joints between the tongue and groove boards so you won’t have to worry about moisture seepage.
Sheet flooring like vinyl and linoleum is what you see in your veterinarian’s office, so there’s no doubt that these, too, are among the best floors for dogs. Both vinyl and linoleum resist scratches and stains and are hypoallergenic. Routine sweeping and occasional mopping is enough to keep these floors looking as good as new.
Is a hardwood floor pet-friendly?

Hardwood floors may not be the best flooring for dogs, especially if you have multiple pets that like to run and jump indoors. But if your heart is set on hardwood, choose a wood species like hickory or hard maple that’s durable enough to resist scratches, scuffs and dings. Use the Janka hardness rating to learn the density of a wood species and its ability to withstand foot traffic, kids and pets. The higher the number, the harder the species and the more pet-friendly!

When it comes to finding the best flooring for dogs, choose a hard surface that will withstand your pet’s wear and tear and occasional spills. The right pet-friendly floor will make you – and Fido – happy!

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