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The CFA Ready To Recruit A Training Manager

The chief executive officer: Richard Catt
THE flurry of New Year activity has continued well into 2014 with exciting opportunities to work with the CFA being advertised within the appointments section of this month’s CFJ.
Our first is as a senior member of the CFA team and role we have been working towards for some time: a training manager.
The role naturally includes some responsibility for FITA, which in itself is a fantastic opportunity given the investment and successes that FITA has enjoyed over the past few years.
Even in these difficult times, FITA has developed partnerships with big high street names such as M&S and Specsavers, as well as creating an exciting range of courses and assessments.
We have also established a loyal following of leading manufacturers and sponsors who see the tangible benefits of the independence and credibility that FITA brings.
Although an entirely new role, the successful applicant will work from these and other established platforms such as the apprentice of the year competition and our annual CFA training guide.
Whilst I am excited that the CFA is growing and offering employment opportunities, the main winners are of course our members who will naturally benefit from the increased support we will be offering them. Full details of the role and how to apply can be obtained from the CFA offices.
The next and equally exciting development relates to our ongoing plans to grow membership.
The CFA are seeking to create partnerships with agents or other individuals on a regional basis to work with us in identifying and recruiting new members within all membership categories.
The CFA will provide some leads, but those who work with us will also be encouraged to independently identify and recruit new members.
One of the key elements is of course identifying suitable companies and it is important to stress that the quality of companies that join the CFA must be maintained.
Any applications received will need to fully meet the criteria laid down by the CFA council. But for any successful membership applications that are brought to us, the agent will receive a flat fee.
The proposition is relatively simple, but we will of course provide an agreement as an outline of the working relationship with anyone who applies.
As well as quality companies, a core CFA value, the CFA are seeking long term members and this initiative will multiply our reach many times over.
Ideal partners for working with us to find these companies may already be agents for flooring products and thus calling on potential CFA members.
But other self-employed professionals with access to the flooring world may also be interested in contacting us. Training and support will be provided. Once again, please contact the CFA offices for further details.
The CFA is a leading trade association representing the Flooring Industry. If you would like an application pack or further information on the benefits of membership, please visit our website or contact the CFA offices on
T: 0115 941 1126
or email

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