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The Importance Of Slip-Resistant Safety Floorings

In this article our London flooring company will pay attention to the importance of choosing safety flooring. In case the wrong type of flooring is installed, this is hazardous for people who will use it. London flooring contractors explain, that when the sustained slip resistance is TRRL 36 or above, the risk is minimal. Learn more facts:

  • Various types of flooring provide different levels of slip resistance in diverse environments. So, this means that relying on floor with sustained slip resistance is just the first step of the mission.
  • London flooring contractors claim that commonly high quality 2mm safety flooring is a great option for most areas. People should look for slip resistance of at least TRRL 36. Plus London flooring experts must answer your questions about how long it lasts.
  • London flooring specialists advise to require guarantee, wonderful durability and easy maintenance. Last, but not least, a wide range of colour options has to be delivered. If these features are present, this is the right way to ensure safety flooring for busy public areas.
  • Our London flooring company explains that when aesthetical appearance is very important for the client, there are safety floorings on the market which provide natural wood-look, non-sparkle finish and great choice of colours.
  • Our London flooring company claims that heavy-duty safety flooring is 2.5mm thick. London flooring contractors know that the additional 0.5mm provides an extra 25% of defense. Thanks to the wonderful resistance to mechanical and physical damages, these heavy-duty floorings are preferred in healthcare, education and industry sectors. London flooring specialists advise customers to search floorings that are highly resistant to temperature changes, moisture, wheeled traffic, mechanical or physical damages. These safety floorings are perfect for clinical areas, secondary school labs and corridors.
  • According to every professional London flooring company for the toughest environments such as sports changing rooms and heavy-duty industrial areas, people should install 4mm robust safety floorings. They maintain their integrity even when pierced with spikes or studs.
  • When it comes to canteens, commercial kitchens and food preparation areas, London flooring contractors have other tips. There the environment is dangerous because of grease, fats, oils and moisture. For this reason, London flooring experts recommend increased slip resistance (at least TRRL 55 / R12). The thickness must be also increased to 3mm safety flooring. Thus underfoot comfort and noise reduction are guaranteed.
  • London flooring contractors pay attention to wet safety too. For shower cubicles, bathrooms, changing areas, where people may be barefoot, specially designed safety floorings are required.
  • Our London flooring company claims, that when sustainability is top priority, customers should rely on versatile looselay safety floorings. They are not only adhesive-free, but also reusable and recyclable.

London flooring contractors explain, that no DPM or adhesive are needed, so looselay safety flooring provides hassle-free installation. In addition, you will save time and money.

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