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Commercial Flooring News

The New Super Floor

There’s a new kid on the block and everyone else is taking notice. This new type of flooring combines all of the advantages of hardwood floors and laminate floors to give today’s flooring consumer all that he/she could ever ask for in a green floor.

Click engineered HDF core flooring is the latest in flooring technology, giving you a real layer of premium wood or bamboo that’s attached to a high impact resistant HDF core. These click wood floors or click bamboo floors are designed to float over most subfloor types and made for floating floor installations. An underlayment is used (which is either made of foam, rubber, a combination of both or even cork underlayment) which provides comfort and insulation, and in some cases, the underlayment is already attached. That makes for a simple one-step installation that do-it-yourselfers all over the country have fallen in love with.

You can find these floors with exotic wood veneers, bamboo veneers and even strand woven bamboo veneers. The natural wear layer’s surface is usually protected by a similar finishing system to other wood floors. The better ones you’ll find are finished with a water based and solvent free surface protection system that is very eco-friendly and durable.

This type of floor is perfect for use as kitchen flooring because it’s very easy to clean and provides a higher degree of comfort than do most other hard surface floors. And if a quality underlayment is used, like cork, it becomes a functioning system that acts as both an insulator and an acoustical barrier.

When shopping for floors like these, take into consideration how they’re made and who made them. HDF core products require adhesives and lower quality chemicals can produce emissions. That’s why it’s important to confirm that a reputable manufacturer made the floor and every precaution was taken to protect both the environment and your family. If made correctly, click engineered HDF cores are environmentally friendly, durable, easy to install, easy to clean and have more benefits than one can shake a stick at. They’re also pretty affordable and an excellent alternative for carpet, vinyl, laminate flooring or even regular hardwood floors.

They’re available in a wide variety of exotic and natural finishes, can have beveled or eased edges and from the surface, can simply not be distinguished from hardwood or bamboo floors. You can even have stranded bamboo veneers that are perfect for high traffic areas.

Before you make your final decision on flooring, check out the new super floor and see if it will work for your situation. In all likelihood, it will be just right for your particular circumstance and you’ll find the perfect style for the room where you need new flooring installed.