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The Power of Beautiful, Versatile Hardwood Floors

With its natural beauty, lasting durability and low maintenance, hardwood flooring goes beyond the scope of merely pleasing the eye. Of all the design elements you blend together to make your home a reflection of good taste, only hardwood floors deliver the total package: style, comfort, beauty, strength and performance. This is why hardwood floors, considering all the flooring choices available, are preferred by homeowners.

Regardless of lifestyle, hardwood flooring handles just about anything you can dish out – kids, pets, entertaining. Day in, day out, year after year, they perform superbly. Why hardwood flooring? Because hardwood floors beckon alluringly, “Walk all over me!”

Why Hardwood Flooring?

Ageless beauty – Wood is always in fashion because it’s a natural, living material people readily connect to. No matter how architectural styles change, wood always adapts with elegance. The varied grains, knots and rich, warm colors are enticing to our visual and tactile senses.

Superior durability – Hardwood floors are strong, hard-wearing and extremely durable. More than any other floor covering, they withstand the test of time with little maintenance required. Some hardwoods are even infused with patented technology that makes boards 2-1/2 times harder than their untreated counterparts!

Variety of styles, wood species – Hardwood flooring comes in a wide variety of styles, looks and species to match every lifestyle and décor. If you expect your floor to handle an active family, choose harder species such as oak, maple and walnut. Like the look of luxury? There’s the vibrant, red elegance of Brazilian cherry that adds an exotic flair all its own. If you feel more at home with a floor that looks lived in, you’ll love hand-scraped hardwood floors.

Easy care – Hardwood floors need only a slightly damp mop for effective, routine cleaning, and a dust mop or soft brush vacuum attachment to pick up lose debris and dirt. Hardwood floors can benefit, too, from the occasional use of a professional wood floor cleaning product as recommended by the flooring manufacturer.

Helps allergy-proof your home – Doctors often recommend hardwood floors to allergy sufferers because they trap less animal dander, dust, pollen, mites and mold – all of which can trigger allergic symptoms and respiratory problems.

Genuine hardwood adds an undeniable beauty to your home. As important as aesthetics are, however, it is equally important that your floor be functional as well, suiting all your family’s needs. That’s exactly what hardwood flooring does and that’s why hardwood floors are the right choice.

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