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Resin flooring is suitable for many different locations:

Mapei reports that its resin flooring was specified at the newly built Leyton Jubilee Park Sports Pavilion in East London. The pavilion was a part of the Olympic Games Legacy Scheme which was honoured by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) to improve the play facilities and the surrounding landscape.
The resin flooring system was installed throughout the pavilion’s football changing rooms, covering 350sq m of flooring. Mapei’s Mapefloor I 350SL, a two-component multi-purpose neutral-coloured epoxy resin formulate is said to provide a strong surface which is highly resistant with abrasion.
It also reportedly provides a durable solution for the changing room floors as it will resist scratches from football studs as players make use of the facilities. Mapefloor I 350SL was coupled with a grey Mapecolor Paste (RAL 7040) to give the desired aesthetics. Mapecolor Paste is available in 19 standard colours.
Mapei’s solvent-free, two-component epoxy pre-filled Primer SN was chosen to enhance the bond between Mapefloor I 350 SL and substrate.
Having 76 years of experience and a vast product range, Mapei can provide the right flooring system suitable for both domestic and commercial use to suit any requirements.
Polydeck recently completed a 18,000sq m flooring refurbishment in one of Royal Mail’s prime sites in London. The works were carried out on a fast track programme. Products used included specially modified sub-screeds, with mechanical expansion joints, finished with Mastertop 1324 Elastomeric Polyurethane.
The final floor finishes are designed to provide a hard wearing impact resistant finish.
Remmers provided a flooring system for the newly refurbished ski hire centre at the Snowdome.
Having worked in the centre previously, Remmers was asked by the client to supply a seamless, hard wearing non slip surface that was easy to maintain.
Over 600sq m of Remmers Floormix DQ was installed to the wash bays and toilets, locker and changing areas as well as the open staircase leading in from the main foyer area.
The DQ System was also applied to the insitu coving and full wall height rendering in the wash bay area. In keeping with the tight installation schedule, fast curing resins were used where possible.
Resin Surfaces Ltd (RSL) products were used during a recent £1.1bn renovation project at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney where a new high- tech robotic meal delivery system was being installed. The 700m kitchen refurbishment had to consider this new state of the art technology, used for the first time in Australia.
The kitchen features meal delivery ‘pods’ which transport food through the hospital with the use of wireless AGV robots. It has the capacity to deliver over 2000 meals a day.
RSL was approached by its Australian partner to specify a suitable resin floor coating. The brief was for a hygienic surface with high slip-resistant properties which adhered to an R12 rating and was highly durable to withstand impact and traffic of the meal delivery pods.
Resuthane SL45 with a blinded aggregate was chosen for the project. The floor had to meet the R12 anti-slip rating; the regulated standard for Australian Commercial kitchens. Adding aggregate to a resin coating creates a rougher and more slip-resistance determined by the type and quantity of aggregate.
Due to the meal delivery systems used throughout the kitchen area the floor had to be hard wearing to withstand constant traffic from the robots and heavy meal delivery pods. Longevity was important as the hospital kitchens cannot be closed for maintenance without causing considerable disruption to patients and staff.
Resuthane SL45 is a heavy duty durable coating, originally launched in 1999; it is reportedly used by many large healthcare organisations and has been installed in such environments for over 10 years.
Resuthane reportedly also provides high levels of chemical resistance and a seamless surface for demanding environments adhering to rigorous cleaning regimes. It has been tested by Campden BRI and approved as a non-taint product.

Sika supplied ComfortFloor system for a high-end refurb of a Victorian house in Surbiton, Greater London. Combining noise suppression and durability with a flawless finish, Sika ComfortFloor reportedly met the client’s aesthetic requirements, whilst delivering a hard-wearing system that guarantees outstanding long term performance.
As well as ease of maintenance for the homeowner, the seamless Sika system is claimed to offer toughness, durability and an increased life expectancy.
Flooring specialist Chasingspace prepared and primed the floor using Sikafloor 161, a two-part, low viscosity epoxy resin primer. A layer of Sikafloor 330 was then applied to regulate and level the surface before a sealer layer of 305W completed the system thickness of just 2mm.
‘The project was of a very high standard in terms of both structural and interior design,’ said Jonathan Rea, ceo of Chasingspace. ‘As with all of our flooring projects, we set a very high standard of workmanship, which met the client’s exact requirements perfectly. Applied to the new kitchen area, we continued the Sika ComfortFloor application onto the patio outside to achieve a full inside out specification.’
Available in a range of colours to meet numerous aesthetic requirements, the decorative and durable system is said to be weather and abrasion resistant for longevity and minimal maintenance. It is designed for applications where exceptional hygiene standards are vital, including food preparation areas, commercial kitchens, hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

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