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TPS Launches A New Limestone

TRADE PRICE STONE has unveiled a new European Limestone to its range of natural surfaces.
Jura Beige is a honed tile with a thin to medium grain and a mottled, non-uniform appearance.
Quartz veining and a kaleidoscope of dark fossils give the stone a rustic look. Available from UK stock, the tiles can be installed indoors and outdoors, in commercial and domestic applications.
Jura Limestone originates from the Upper Bavaria region of Southern Germany and it is claimed to often be referred to as marble.
‘Jura Beige will take us forwards with our continued commitment to high-end quality, tested stone products,’ says Trade Price Stone md Simon Lloyd-Jones.
The new tiles are offered in three formats, each with a CE mark data sheet, which includes slip testing performance information.
T: 01283 734990

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