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UFH ‘helps dispel dust mites’

STEVEN ROONEY, sales director of GAIA (formerly Devi Electroheat), claims underfloor heating (UFH) can make a substantial contribution to eradicating the house dust mite.
‘There are many benefits of UFH, including making the home more hygienic,’ he says. ‘Many people prefer carpet.
However, it can provide the ideal habitat for dust mites. Below 40% humidity, they cannot survive.
So by raising the floor temperature to 26degC it reduces the moisture content to a level where the dust mite cannot survive.
As the moisture level at the base of the carpet pile reduces, the dust mite makes its way to the surface, where it will eventually die and can be vacuumed up.’
Gaia offers a design, supply and installation service for wet and electric underfloor heating solutions, and is the sole UK projects partner for Devi.
T: 0845 434 9488

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