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Ukraine Unrest To ‘Hit Van Users’

A WARNING of higher fuel prices as a result of the political turmoil over Crimea made by the RAC has been echoed by The Fuel Card Group.
Steve Clarke, marketing manager for The Fuel Card Group, says commercial vehicle operators should not be surprised: ‘We saw price hikes of varying duration following the invasion of Kuwait, when Hurricane Ike hit Texas and after Chavez died in Venezuela. Anything upsetting the status quo in an oil-producing region, even a simple currency fluctuation, will impact prices.’
Steve’s message is: Don’t panic! ‘The only sensible action is to ensure that you are always paying as little as possible for fuel in the first place. Nobody running commercial vehicles should ever pay anywhere near pump prices. Having the right fuel card means a saving of up to 4p per litre.’
The Fuel Card Group, part of the international DCC plc, deals with the refuelling concerns of commercial road users. It offers refuelling deals through a range which includes commercial rate fuel cards valid at BP, Co-Op, Emo, Esso, Gulf, Shell, Texaco, Q8, Jet, Gulf, Spot, Murco, Morrisons, Tesco, Pace and Moto filling stations, as well as on the Diesel Direct (Keyfuels), MyFuel and UK Fuels networks.

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