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Unique Flooring Looks

Your floor may be the hardest working surface in your home, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice unique flooring looks for the sake of utility. Flooring options today offer an incredible selection of colors, materials and characteristics that will leave a lasting impression with each and every footstep.

What do you want your floor to say about you?

Contemporary, traditional, urban, rustic, exotic, shabby chic – what design style suits you best? Let’s consider several unique flooring looks that communicate distinct styles through design elements like material, color, texture and pattern.

Luxury vinyl faithfully reproduces the look of ceramic tile, marble, wood and stone at a fraction of the cost and upkeep. These floors capture unique looks with random pattern variations similar to those found in nature. Plus, they come in a wide range of colors and have the added advantage of feeling soft and warm underfoot.
Hand-scraped wood floors offer the rustic look of a country retreat. Every board is hand-sculpted on the surface, edges and ends to recreate the look of a floor aged by time and countless footsteps.
Measuring five inches or more, wide planks stretch beyond the standard three- to four-inch boards that make up a traditional hardwood floor. The extra width emphasizes the natural beauty of wood and adds a sense of spaciousness to a room.
Exotic hardwoods offer a unique look with unusual grain patterns and bold, rich colors that are simply breathtaking. Species like Brazilian cherry and tigerwood can add drama, color and excitement to your décor.
For a truly unique floor, how about the look of aged wine barrels? Rift and quartered oak is burned with a vintner’s mark and cooperage stamp to add a touch of wine country ambiance to your home.
Genuine linoleum can lift your spirits and floor your guests with an unexpected splash of vivid color. No longer nostalgic, linoleum is now hip with homeowners looking for “green” floors made with renewable materials.
Parquet hardwood flooring, with its myriad mosaic patterns, was once exclusive to the royal houses of European nobility. With today’s engineered parquet, you can capture old world charm in a unique flooring look.
Choosing the right flooring can make your home a thoughtful, well-planned reflection of the way you live your life. If you’re not sure how to find a unique flooring look that matches your style, try one of the many online design resources. They are helpful in tailoring flooring trends to your own personal tastes.

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