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Up A Tree and Barking Mad

J+J/Invision has launched a new modular carpet collection that brings Mother Nature right into the contract environment. According to J+J’s marketing department, “…Urban Canopy is a reflection of the need to have a little bit of nature’s serene atmosphere around us, even in the urban jungle.” And the word serene really does capture the essence of all three styles.

This new collection is built around three graceful products: Up A Tree, Branch Out, and Barking Mad. The yarn system used to build these products is J&J Industries EncoreÒ solution dyed nylon, and the backing uses eKoÒ PVC-free modular backing. Now that’s an eco-friendly choice on many levels. Here’s the design story behind each of these three beauties:

– Up A Tree is an organic but sophisticated pattern derived from a photograph taken of foliage found in Portland Oregon’s own urban landscape.

BRANCH-OUT-MODULAR_300- Branch Out is a slightly less active pattern, reminiscent of a tree’s deciduous nature. When autumn arrives, the leaves begin to fall but the serenity still remains.

– Barking Mad, an all-over texture, features a subtle grid design that is incorporated as a background in the other two coordinating products. The result is a classic and timeless product that beautifully complements the other two organic patterns in the collection. But, it also can be used as a stand-alone product for a more subtle design statement.

Let’s talk about the color palette these three styles share. J&J’s colorists captured the softer tones of the earth in a refined range of grays, beiges, greens and blues. The monochromatic coloring is reflective of the quiet peace that would surround you in a calm forest. It would be accurate to describe the shared palette of nine colors as predominantly soft neutrals, designed to harmonize with a variety of textiles and finishes.

BarkingMad_SilverLindenThis is a collection to be proud of. Well-designed and well-constructed, the Urban Canopy collection is certain to gain much attention from commercial designers and specifiers. Mother Nature is now beautifully dressed and ready for business.