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Commercial Flooring News

Vinyl Flooring Surging

People have been making their way back to vinyl floor covering in a very significant way. All forms of vinyl planking also known as luxury vinyl tile are making market share advances. However, there is a big gotcha that people need to be aware of. Just because the term vinyl is used does not mean it is all the same quality. There are massive differences in the top coating and it’s long term durability.

Too often people make assumptions about vinyl based on their past experience. Brands like Armstrong, Mannington and Tarkett made vinyl so durable that the nature of the product category itself became known as impervious to water, impossible to stain and super simple floor to clean. The facts are, however, that the top coating of vinyl ranges from super crappy to super awesome and here is the punch line: you can’t see the difference with your eyes! It’s that terrific? (note the sarcasm) You cannot see the different until it is too late and you notice that the floor is really tough to clean and you can even start seeing traffic patterns.

The lesson is: pay attention to the overall quality of the product and always buy from someone you can trust.