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Vinyl Floors Are Back & Better Than Ever

Technology in flooring has kept pace with computers, cell phones and everything else, so if it’s been a decade or so since you’ve looked at vinyl floors, the vinyl floors of today might surprise you. Imagine what your computer was ten years ago compared to what it is today. It’s almost a different animal, and that’s precisely what’s going on with vinyl flooring.

It seems every kitchen or bathroom we walked into from the sixties to the mid-nineties had some form of sheet vinyl flooring. Some had tile, some even had kitchen carpeting, but by and large, sheet vinyl had the market cornered for kitchens and baths. Some would even install it throughout their home to keep maintenance to a minimum, because after all, vinyl has always been easy to clean.

We all remember the designs, from brick to ceramic tile patterns, floral patterns, stone patterns, wood patterns… the list goes on and on of the looks that tried to be achieved with vinyl flooring. But, none of us were ever really fooled. We all knew it was vinyl and no manufacturer did a great job of simulating natural materials. That was yesterday.

Today’s luxury vinyl planks are a far cry from the sheet vinyl floors we’re used to seeing. These floors brilliantly mirror their natural counterparts and their durability has improved by leaps and bounds. They are considerably more resistant to tears, gouges and many are virtually impervious to water.

They install without glue and have a click locking mechanism that joins the planks together. They float over just about any type of subfloor and no glue is needed for installation. In the old days, a vinyl floor installation required a seasoned veteran with an experienced hand. Today, anyone can install a vinyl floor and do a professional job.

The most common type of these floors you’ll now find are available in gorgeous wood looks in every species you can think of. Many have always wanted to have hardwood in the bathroom, now they can have it.

These luxury vinyl planks offer today’s flooring consumer the best of all possible worlds: A floor that looks the way they want it to look, performs the way they want it to perform, can be installed wherever they want, and can be installed without professional assistance.

They are even easy to ship, so you can purchase them on the internet, have them delivered to your home and not once will you ever have to leave the sanctity of your living room. Not only are the floors better in look and performance, they are even easier to buy and install. Maybe one day we’ll be able to press a button and our floors will automatically change, but until then, it doesn’t get much easier than click vinyl planks.