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What About Hardwood Flooring

There are different kinds of flooring available in the market today. Some of them are very attractive and cost efficient while others are expensive but durable. With so many options available, it’s quite difficult to make a choice. So when searching for the right strip cover, the first thing you should put into consideration are the characteristics of the flooring material that you think is viable for use. Hardwood flooring is one of the more popular flooring materials in the market today. Why, you ask? That’s what we’re about to find out. What is about hardwood flooring that makes it distinct from all the other floorings?

Prefinished hardwood flooring is a factory product which features several layers of UV-cured polyurethane. This is one elemental characteristic of prefinished hardwood flooring that’s hard to ignore. UV-cured polyurethane makes installation faster and simpler. Cross out those noisy sanders and buffers, annoying dust leftovers and that urethane after-smell from your expectations. Hardwood flooring application is completely hassle free.

Another characteristic of hardwood flooring is its 10 layers of varnish and, occasional aluminum oxide particle application, which endows it with its unique durability. These two make hardwood flooring virtually resilient against heavy foot traffic and environmental stresses.

Hardwood observers and experts have said that, even the most durable flooring produced by high class manufacturers cannot withstand dog nails, stiletto heels and the abuse of dirty shoes. Well, maybe they just haven’t tried hardwood flooring yet. Hardwood flooring’s trademark durability allows it to endure all kinds of damage. Paired with complete and religious maintenance, hardwood flooring will effectively weather any trauma and pressure that might come its way.

But then again, not all prefinished hardwood flooring can agree to everyone’s taste. Since most of the manufacturers provide factory finished hardwood flooring that have micro-bevel edges, installation may create unwanted results in the end. Micro-bevel edges will form v-groves between the boards and these grooves will collect dirt and grime. Ergo, regular cleaning is required. That’s one thing that may prove inconvenient to the consumer. Nevertheless, it is a very essential activity to perform. And if you are looking forward to preserving the beauty of your hardwood floors, cleaning should be willingly complied with.