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What You Absolutely Need to Know About Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile. The name can throw you off because it sounds expensive . . . and it sounds like, well, vinyl. Actually, luxury vinyl tile is quite affordable and, despite its vinyl component, has a natural flooring base. If you’re shopping for a new floor, you might want to consider this versatile, stylish and durable premium tile.

Armstrong luxury vinyl tile
Natural stone look in luxury vinyl tile
Luxury vinyl tile
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Unbelievable visuals – Luxury vinyl tile pops with surprising realism thanks to high quality photo replication of natural materials like stone and ceramic. Additionally, superior embossing delivers the look and feel of natural flooring.

Affordable luxury – Manufacturing innovations can convincingly recreate the look of natural flooring materials for a much lower cost. When you’re standing on luxury vinyl tile, you’ll find it hard to tell that you’re not actually standing on slate, travertine or ceramic tile.

Stylish versatility – Since these premium tile floors capture the refreshing authenticity of nature’s beauty on a very comfortable surface, you’ll want that look in every room of the house. Luxury vinyl tile is designed to go in any room, including moisture-prone areas like bathrooms.

Exceptional durability – Unlike their lookalike natural counterparts, luxury vinyl tile has a durable construction made to resist scuffs, stains, scratches and high traffic. This hardworking floor has a natural limestone base that can stand up to active families, even pets, and still remain wear-free. For this reason, you’ll see lifetime warranties on premium tile brands.

Incredible comfort – For all its toughness, luxury vinyl tile is flexible and comfortable, meaning you can stand on it for long periods of time. Another plus is that it feels softer and warmer underfoot than stone or ceramic, and is much quieter than hard-surface natural flooring materials.

Ease of maintenance – Maintenance for luxury vinyl tile floors, even grouted ones, is minimal. There’s none of the sealing, polishing or specialty cleaners required for stone and ceramic. Simple damp mopping is all that’s recommended for cleaning.

Healthy choice – Luxury vinyl tile is not only easy to keep clean with eco-friendly products, but it’s designed to contribute to good indoor air quality. Look for the FloorScore® seal that certifies compliance with low volatile organic compound emissions (low VOCs).

Luxury vinyl tile is a practical choice for everyday living. You get the fabulous looks of premium tile with great performance characteristics that won’t bust your decorating budget. And with so many beautiful colors and natural textures available, plus the option to grout, you can create a custom look for your home.

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