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Why Homeowners Love Their Luxury Vinyl Tile Floors

If you have any interest in home decorating or remodeling, you’ve probably heard of luxury vinyl tile. LVT, or premium tile as it’s also called, is one of the hottest floor covering looks today and one whose sizzle shows no sign of cooling off. This is the “It” floor that everyone wants in their home. What makes this floor so fascinating?

Fascination factor of premium tile

Our attraction to premium tile is driven first by intriguing, nature-inspired styling and the opportunity to bring home an exciting new look. Luxurious materials such as travertine, slate, quartz, and marble have all been faithfully replicated in premium tile. Highly valued, earth-hewn materials now have an admirable “lookalike” that provides a personal and unique aesthetic to a room. Add to that irregular surface texturing and realism in mineral veining and sedimentary colorations, and you’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference between genuine stone and premium tile.

Performance pluses add up

Yes, luxury vinyl tile’s unique styling is pleasing to our senses, but it also delivers performance features that make it practical for everyday living. Let’s face it, most homeowners don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of a high-maintenance stone or ceramic floor – no matter how luxurious it looks – and certainly not when they can get that same look in an easy-care alternative.

Premium tile is designed with innovative technology, giving it superior resistance to scratches, stains, and wear and tear from furniture and foot traffic. Its thick, protective wear layer guarantees your floor can stand up to whatever daily life dishes out – clamoring kids, boisterous pets, falling athletic gear, spilled coffee, muddy shoes, and countless other everyday mishaps will not compromise the beauty of premium tile. Care and cleaning couldn’t be simpler, either . . . just sweep and mop occasionally as needed.

Comfort is another huge plus. Even though premium tile looks like stone or ceramic tile, homeowners love that it feels warm and soft underfoot. In addition to a welcoming surface, premium tile also offers good indoor air quality characteristics and won’t trap dust or pet dander, helping to reduce the presence of those allergens.

You’ll be happy to learn premium tile won’t break the budget. In fact, for all its proven performance and exceptional styling, this floor turns out to be a real value.

So let’s quickly run down the list of what’s fueling the fascination with premium tile:

Incredibly realistic designs
Enhanced styling
Wide variety of options
Ease of maintenance
Durability and comfort all wrapped up in a beautiful, budget-friendly floor.
The next time you’re looking to add to the decorative ambiance of your home, why not go all out in total luxury?

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