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Why The Mobile Age Calls For Flexible Flooring

Flooring in offices can be designed for the occupants:
Abby Chandler, marketing manager at Heckmondwike, looks at how flooring is increasingly being used
to create flexible office workspaces: 
THE trend for open plan design in new office developments looks set to continue with partitions and barriers rapidly becoming a thing of the past and new layouts aimed at encouraging greater team-working and flexible working.
Love it or hate it, hot-desking looks set to stay and the growing use of laptops and mobile devices means that there is often no need to stick to one physical location. Flexibility also means allowing people to work where they are most needed in a business, or where they feel most comfortable.
Building designers and flooring contractors therefore face the challenge of having to create office workspaces that allow for productive working, with comfort and practicality, whilst also providing demarcation and a clear sense of purpose.
At The Wallis Building in Nottingham, for example, a workspace has been created for new high technology and digital businesses. The style of the office is open plan, yet accommodates a large number of small businesses. Therefore it was important to create a contemporary and eye-catching environment.
To do this, developer Bildurn Properties chose fibre bonded carpet tiles from our range in a Lime shade, complemented by Broadrib in Willow. The result is an attractive, modern working environment, with clearly defined zones to suit different needs of its users.
In the flexible, modern office environment, acoustics are also important, especially when it comes to multi-occupancy buildings. Fibre bonded carpet, for example, offer sound deadening properties that help to reduce noise pollution, thus creating a harmonious working environment.
Zoning is proving an effective and increasingly popular way of achieving demarcation without barriers in offices. Interior designers are choosing floor and wall coverings as a way to create clearly defined areas within an office building, promoting the need for quiet work and private discussions, as well as encouraging the open communication and team working for which open-plan offices are renowned.
As the trend towards flexible working continues, carpet manufacturers are introducing vibrant accent colours to complement more muted tones. The result is aesthetically pleasing interiors which maintain productivity and encourage team working whilst making the most of available space and resources.

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