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Why We Love the Timeless Look of Slate Flooring

Millions of years in the making, the use of slate as a natural flooring material is almost timeless. Slate is a fine-grained stone comprised of thin layers of densely compressed sand and minerals. Its smooth surface is marked by riven clefts that appear when sections of thin layers break away. Each layer can exhibit a different color and character. When combined in slate flooring, the result is sumptuous passages of colors and textures that catch light in a dramatic way.

As distinctive and stylish as slate flooring is, when it comes to practicality, a stone floor starts to lose its appeal. Cold, brittle and heavy, slate flooring is not easy to live with for the average homeowner with an active family and busy lifestyle. It’s unforgiving to bare feet and padding paws, and it’s slippery when wet. And unless slate flooring is periodically sealed, it will show scratches and absorb stains.

Slate flooring for everyday living

Luckily, there’s an alternative to natural slate flooring that is as luxurious and convincing as the real thing, yet designed for everyday living. Premium vinyl tile has the look and texture of natural slate flooring, right down to the surface clefts.

The versatility of slate-look premium vinyl tile comes in the form of:

High-quality photo reproduction capturing the best features of natural slate
Durable wear layer resistant to scratches and scuffs
Nature-inspired spectrum of colors, from soft hues to statement-making bolds
Superior embossing delivering the textured surface of slate flooring
Natural limestone backing for structural strength and durability
Family-friendly and pet-friendly flooring that’s wear, water and stain-resistant
Easy to clean with regular sweeping or vacuuming and occasional damp mopping
Armstrong slate-look premium vinyl tile
Slate-look flooring comes in many color options
If you’re wondering how realistic premium vinyl tile slate flooring will look in your home, consider this: The tile-to-tile variation in premium vinyl tile is so great that you’re virtually assured of no noticeable pattern repeat. Just like in nature, premium vinyl tile slate flooring captures the refreshing realism of nature’s beauty with the colors, textures and random visuals.

Premium vinyl tile feels warmer and softer underfoot, and that makes it a joy to walk or stand on for long periods. You’ll be happy to know that it’s affordable too.

Just like slate quarried from the earth, premium vinyl tile slate flooring is refined and distinctive, adding character and timeless appeal to any room. It’s a luxury designed for everyday living.

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