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Wiping The Floor

To keep all flooring looking at its best a an effective cleaning and maintenance programme is essential:

Bona isgivingwood flooring specialists a chance to offer their customers a deep cleaning service claimed to revive the look of the surface of a wooden floor, between full sanding and re- sealing.

The new Bona Deep Clean System is designed for busy public areas such as schools, community halls
and hotels. The system comprises the Bona Power Scrubber, a scrubber drier machine optimised for cleaning wooden floors, and Bona Deep Clean Solution, a commercial strength, low odour formulation developed to remove the toughest of dirt and scuff marks without dulling the surface.

It is even claimed to lift dirt from the ‘v’ grooves in pre-finished flooring and remove old layers of polish.
ThePowerScrubber is the only machine Bona guarantees to provide optimum cleaning for wood floors.
Said to be suitable foruseonall types of oiled or varnished floors, it features counter rotating brushes and rubber squeegees designed to ensure hardly any liquid is left on the floor.

The design enables the machine to clean right up to the wall. It can be used with other cleaning products such as Bona Sportive Cleaner for sports floors.

Fila’sGreenLinerange features various high performance finishing products, including new Fila W68, a water-based stain- proofing protective agent, designed for porous surfaces. Reportedly both oil and water repellent, it is designed to penetrate unpolished surfaces, without altering appearance or creating a surface film.
It can apparently be used on both internal and external surfaces – from terracotta kitchen floors to natural stone patios and pool surrounds, says Fila.

Available in 1ltr and 5ltr units, the product is said to Fila W68 and H98 require no dilution and can be applied using a brush, fleece or airless pump to surfaces with residual moisture. It can reportedly also be used as a protective basecoat, before the application of wax, and is suitable for use on frost- treated tiles.

Other Green Line water-based finishing products include water- proofing Fila HP98. Designed to treat natural stone and terracotta, indoors and outdoors, it reportedly penetrates without forming a film or altering appearance.

Externally, Fila HP98 is claimed to prevent efflorescence and wear caused by atmospheric agents and – like Fila W68 – can be applied to damp surfaces, to frost-resistant tiles and internally alongside traditional wax treatments. As well as protecting against

moisture, it reportedly also prevents chewing gum adhesion. A water-based pre-grouting protector, surface cleaners, protective toning agents and stain removal solutions are among other Green Line products.

Gradus advisesthatarange of cleaning products has been recommended for use with the company’s barrier matting products as result of extensive testing undertaken by Selden Research.

It believes there is a common misconception that once installed, barrier matting will continually remove dirt and moisture from foot and wheeled traffic. When the mat is ‘full’, however, dirt and moisture will be tracked onto internal floorcoverings, increasing the risk of slip accidents.

As several kilograms of dirt and grime can be tracked into a building in one day, a planned cleaning and maintenance programme is crucial to help maintain the performance and visual appearance of barrier matting and to maximise the lifespan of the product.

According to ISSA, the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, it costs around £700 to remove 1kg of soil
tracked into a building, equating to over £50,000 a year to keep a building clean (based on 500 people working in it five days a week). Therefore, by using an effective matting system that is regularly maintained, the lifecycle of all floorcoverings is increased, reducing maintenance costs and the amount of material sent to landfill, says Gradus.

O s m o states that its Liquid Wax Cleaner is designed for occasional intensive maintenance and reconditioning of wooden floors. Developed to deal with stubborn stains on oil and wax treated flooring, the product needs to be applied thinly to the floor with a lint-free cloth and polish. This odourless and water-repellent product is also available as a spray.

For a more regular cleaning regime, Osmo’s Wash and Care is described as a highly effective and water-soluble product for quick, easy and thorough floor maintenance. Suitable for high traffic areas, it is said to clean and freshen the floor at the same time.

PPC hasaddedanew application for its Storm Diamond Pads after extensive trials. The finer 1500 and 3000 grade pads can now reportedly be used for daily maintenance on vinyl floors; deep cleaning and producing a high shine polish, without needing harsh chemicals or polishes, says PPC.

Tracey Glew, group md, explains: ‘Before our trials the consensus on diamond cleaning systems was that the pads would be too aggressive and effectively wear through the vinyl material.

‘We now know that with our Storm Diamond range this isn’t the case and exceptional results can be achieved, which is great news for dull, heavily trafficked, stained and contaminated vinyl floors.

‘Storm Pads are also long lasting and double sided, so where they have been used on various projects they have proven very cost effective.’

Also available in 400 and 800 grades, the pads are said to produce optimum cleaning and polishing results on resin floor surfaces, epoxy, terrazzo, marble, natural stone and concrete.

They are designed to fit The Preparation Group’s STG450 machine and most other types of surface texturing, auto scrubbing and polishing machines.

Other benefits of the pads are said to be that no tools are required to attach them to the machine; they adjust to irregularities in the floor; can be used dry as well as wet for a smooth finish and for small areas, even edgework.

P a llm a n n from Uzin offers training courses to maintain wooden floors. The company’s experts explain the five steps for cleaning and maintenance for wood floors. The session provides hands-on training for all aspects of wood floor maintenance and it’s free to attend! The training is run at the company’s technical forum in Rugby. (T: 01788 530080).

Pallmann wood floor installation systems are claimed to be fail safe when used correctly. A two-year
warranty is offered when you attend each of its five steps training sessions for the installation, renovation and maintenance of wood floors.

W O C A has developed a comprehensive range of products for cleaning and maintaining wood flooring whatever the finish – oiled, UV oiled or lacquered.

The company supplies intensive cleaners for used on all interior wood products, but specifically flooring. These are said to remove most dirt grease and stain’s and are quick and easy to apply.

Soaps for wood floors are designed to not only clean, but to protect by creating a protective film over the oiled surface of the wood. The more regularly a floor is soaped the better it will be protected, says Woca.
A maintenance oil may also be needed depending upon the traffic and footfall of the floor.

Maintenance oils are thinner in consistency than the initial factory applied oil and are intended for use by trade and retail customers to rejuvenate and protect the wood.

Woca has produced an oil refresher said to combine the benefits of regular day-to-day cleaning and maintenance and oiling in the same function. A spot remover is also offered, designed to remove stains from wood surfaces such coffee and red wine.

Maintenance kits are supplied, said to contain everything (including cloths and polishing pads) required to correctly clean and maintain all types of wood floors.

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