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Flooring in offices needs to be durable as well as stylish:

Desso says it is giving architects and interior designers the ‘best of both worlds’ with the extension of its patented AirMaster carpet tile collection.
The company recently introduced AirMaster Elements and AirMaster Blend to offer a wider variety of patterns and textures with all the functionality of the original AirMaster range.
The product is proven to reduce the concentration of fine dust indoors eight times more effectively than hard flooring, and four times better than standard carpet based on tests performed by GUI, with Desso AirMaster versus standard PVC hardfloor and versus standard structured loop pile carpet.
The new ranges are described as helping to contribute to people’s health and wellbeing, while also providing striking interiors.
According to a Californian study by William Fisk from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, improved indoor air quality can also boost productivity. His research showed an increase by 0.5 to 5%, with estimated savings of $12bn to $125bn a year in the US.
AirMaster Elements comprises four different products: Atmos, Cosmo, Oxy and Sphere. All of these are available in six neutral colours ranging from warm beige to deep slate.
The range moves away from the linearity of the original AirMaster designs to create a smooth, flawless appearance with non-directional organic patterns where each product reportedly offers its own personality and style.
AirMaster Atmos is a structured and tactile loop pile carpet tile, while the textured loop pile, Oxy, is said to offer a subtly organic and irregular pattern similar to that of dried clay.
AirMaster Sphere is described as having a handmade feel inspired by rustic natural materials and elements adding warmth and texture, whereas Cosmo has an understated linear design with a natural feel.
The second new range, AirMaster Blend, is said to offer playful linearity that complements the universal designs of the original AirMaster collection.
Combining lighter shades against a darker backdrop, the tile is available in six blended combinations including blues, browns and greys, to provide a warm yet professional look.
Alexander Collot d’Escury, ceo at Desso, comments, ‘The new AirMaster ranges epitomise our drive towards healthier indoor spaces.
‘They offer a built-in functionality that reduces the amount of fine dust in the indoor air, combined with feel-good inspirational design.
‘We have a clear vision based on ‘making the floor work for our health and wellbeing’ as we spend on average 90% of our time indoors.
‘To this end, we have launched our Great Indoors campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of bad indoor air quality and to demonstrate what can be done to combat the problem.’
All AirMaster product ranges, including the new Elements and Blend, contain Econyl, a yarn made from 100% regenerated nylon.
As part of Desso’s commitment to making a positive impact on health and wellbeing, the company has joined Healthy Seas, an initiative to help clean up the seas, founded by ECNC Group, Aquafil and Star Sock.
According to a report from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN (FAO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), there are around 640,000 tons of abandoned fishing nets in the oceans.
The participation of Desso in the Healthy Seas initiative aims to help in recovering part of these abandoned nets that are then turned into beautiful yarn and Desso carpets, thanks to the Econyl regeneration system.
Heckmondwike FB has expanded its established Array carpet tile range with six new colourways, including Copper, Marble, Peacock, Violet, Emerald and Fuchsia. These bring the number of options within the Array range to 12.
The heavy contract Array carpet tiles feature a mid-width rib design, with a charcoal background enhanced with a subtle linear pattern.
This design co-ordinates with the company’s Broadrib carpet tiles in a complementary solid shade to provide ‘endless creative design possibilities’.
Heckmondwike FB’s marketing manager, Abby Chandler, explains: ‘It is less than two years since Array was launched, yet it has become one of our most widely specified carpet ranges ever.
The new colours were carefully selected to co-ordinate with current trends in furnishings for offices and other commercial environments, taking design in carpet tiles to a whole new level.’
As part of the company’s Creative Flooring range, Array is said to represent an opportunity for specifiers, designers and flooring contractors to create individual designs for a variety of commercial flooring applications.
Being able to add this element of high design creates a fusion between the floor and furniture.
Like all Heckmondwike’s products, Array carpet tiles can reportedly be cut on-site without the risk of fraying and this allows individual flooring designs to be created and installed with ease.
Array carpet tiles are British-made and are said to provide outstanding performance, as well as being backed by a 10 year limited wear warranty.
The products are also claimed to offer antistatic and anti-slip performance, excellent acoustic properties to help reduce noise levels, as well as excellent thermal performance.
Interface has teamed up with environmental charity, Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) which protects the UK’s oceans and beaches by targeting coastal issues such as marine litter, sewage pollution, industry and coastal development.
SAS required sustainable flooring in its offices in St Agnes, Cornwall, and looked to Interface to provide a solution with the minimum environmental footprint.
Carpet tiles from Interface’s newest global collection, Net Effect, were used in a variety of textures and colours throughout the offices to create a distinct interior design in each room.
Net Effect is made of 100% recycled content yarn gathered from various sources, including used recycled carpet fluff and commercial fishing nets.
The collection is inspired by Net-Works, a global business and conservation collaboration between Interface and conservation charity, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). The programme has established a community-based supply chain for collecting discarded fishing nets in rural coastal areas within the Danajon Bank in the Philippines, one of only six double-barrier reefs in the world.
Yarn supplier Aquafil re-purposes the nylon reclaimed through this partnership, to supply Interface with 100% recycled nylon fibres.
Net Effect Two, which features skinny plank carpet tiles with a tufted patterned structured loop pile, was used throughout the office space, including the main office, boardroom and lobby.
The product was used in a neutral grey tone, Caspian, in the main office area and installed using an ashlar method of installation to create a clean and sleek design.
To make a feature space of the boardroom, Net Effect Two was specified in complementary colours of Driftwood, Pacific and North Sea, and installed using an ashlar method for an added multi-dimensional aspect to the design. The same product in Driftwood colourway was also used in the lobby area.
Hugo Tagholm, chief executive of Surfers Against Sewage, said: ‘The great thing about this project is that we have achieved a sustainable flooring solution, without compromising on style.’
John Wallace, md of Southern Flooring Contractors, which installed the carpet tiles, said: ‘The carpet tiles were easy to install, and using tiles meant that there was minimal wastage which was important to Surfers Against Sewage.’
Kährs supplied over 1000sq m of Walnut Montreal for installation on walls and floors at the multi-award winning Corby Cube.
Designed by Hawkins Brown, the sustainable building combines an arts and civic centre. All Kährs flooring was supplied and installed by Reflex Sports, for main contractor, Galliford Try.
The Corby Cube’s simplistic black and glazed external structure is highly complex inside, and includes council offices, public services, a public library and the first theatre to gain a BREEAM Excellent rating.
All areas are accessed via a spiralling ramp or promenade. Walnut was installed through the interior on floors, clad to walls and on the theatre’s hydraulic stage.
The wood is described as creating a ‘rich, vibrant aesthetic, a durable surface’ in keeping with the building’s eco-credentials.
Crafted from sustainable timber, Kährs Walnut Montreal is said to be an even grained wood floor, with a three-strip stave design and a solvent-free satin lacquer prefinish.
The floor’s construction is based on Kährs original multi layered design patented in Sweden in 1941. It uses hardwood down to the joint only, with fast-growing timber below.
This design, alongside Kährs Woodloc joint, is claimed to provide greater stability, promote fast installation and eliminate gapping.
Upofloor says its ethical LifeLine provides healthy, pro-eco office floors. LifeLine is described as a new type of PVC and plasticiser-free floorcovering. First launched in 2004, the product is said to offer an eco-friendly alternative for users seeking high performance, whilst ensuring personal safety.
The range is developed for heavy commercial applications, including office environments.
As well as offering an ethical surface option, in a wide range of designs, the product is also classified in the highest wear resistance group T.
Its impermeable ionomer surface is reported to repel dirt for easy maintenance.
LifeLine floorcoverings are manufactured in Finland from natural minerals and thermoplastic polymers that are claimed to be entirely free of PVC and plasticisers, while also being free from chlorine and other halogens.
Test carried out by the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) found no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The floor surface and colour are said to withstand strong chemicals without any alteration in appearance.
LifeLine does not act as a substrate for bacterias, such as MRSA, according to Upofloor. It reportedly also has good fire resistance properties and is 100% recyclable.
The range includes an array of flooring alternatives across four Collections: LifeLine CS monochrome-style sheet flooring in 48 tones; LT Luxury Tiles in 12 wood-effect designs and 50×50 cm Tiles which feature a chip pattern and for areas subject to extremely high traffic, such as busy reception areas.
Seven LifeLine tile designs are also available in sheet format, within the Forte collection. All formats are 2mm thick and can be mixed and matched to create a multitude of designs.

This article has bee reproduced from the Contract Flooring JOurnal website.