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2-3% Annual Growth Of Flooring Market

London flooring contractors reveal the data of AMA Research. The information shows, that annual growth of floorcoverings market is going to be approximately 2-3%. According to London flooring experts, until 2018 the market is going to be worth just under £2bn. Learn more details:

  • Generally, London flooring contractors are optimistic, because of the great number of positive indicators for growth in a short term. London flooring specialists explain, that it means greater levels of business confidence, bigger investments, growth and construction activity. In addition, the improvements in housing output are steady and the housing market is stronger.
  • Consumer confidence is expected to increase in 2015. This will be the result of lower fuel prices and ongoing stabilisation of employment perspectives.
  • London flooring contractors explain the perspectives for the new housebuilding sector in 2014-16.
  • London flooring company suppliers and manufacturers began to invest in local facilities to achieve greater growth and expansion. Actually this tendency is going to continue in short to medium period.
  • Demand in all product sectors will continue to grow in 2015-2018. There will be slight subsiding in 2017-18. It will be a result of a slowing renewal in the new housebuilding sector, opportunity of higher interest rates and insecurity remaining on public sector capital spending projects.
  • London flooring contractors claim, that growth will fluctuate between product sectors, with vinyl and wood flooring. Actually each of these sectors is awaited to grow around 9% during 2015-18. Then they will be worth around £311m and £333m accordingly.
  • London flooring company reminds, that essential factor will remain the restoration of the private housebuilding sector and private non-residential sector.
  • London flooring contractors remind, that active competition remains key feature of all flooring sectors in medium term. Margins are likely to remain under pressure.

London flooring experts conclude, that manufacturing in UK will be subject to further changes when it comes to productions facilities. Otherwise – the wider European market will be consolidated because London flooring companies will continue to enrich product varieties.

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