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Subfloor Preparation

The Flooring Group has over 40 years of experience in all aspects of subfloor preparation having been in business since 1973. The subfloor preparation for flooring is actually more important than the product itself in ensuring the floors longevity. Inadequate or improper preparation can cause premature failure of the flooring and unexpected additional expenses. Bumps and irregularities in the surface can cause your flooring to wear or perhaps even tear over time. As it is known the longevity of a flooring installation is dependent on the quality of its subfloor. A flat and properly prepared subfloor will guarantee you`ll receive value for your money over the floors lifetime.

Each type of flooring has its own particular subfloor preparation. This is why it is important you choose expertise when your subfloor is made ready for installation. The Flooring Group always ensures every aspect is done in accordance with an appropriate high-class standard. Preparation is dependent upon the subfloor and the flooring to be installed.

The subfloor preparation includes

  • Timber underlayment – Underlay acts as a middle cushion layer between the subfloor and the hardwood floor and helps protect from moisture, soundproof your floor, and provide cushioning and comfort underfoot. The most sought after types of underlay are:
    • Slotted underlay (or glued underlay) – most commonly used with solid wood flooring, laminate flooring and engineered wood flooring, offering thermal resistance and sound proofing. Glued underlay allows customers to fix the flooring to the subfloor via placing glue in the slots of the underlay.
    • Sticky backed underlay – is recommended for both solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring. The plastic backing is gradually removed after the underlay is laid onto the subfloor, to reveal a sticky layer as the floor is being laid. The flooring planks are glued securely down to the underlay.
    • Standard underlay – must only be used with engineered flooring. The engineered wood is floated over the top of the underlay and can be either glued or clicked together at the joints.
    • Underfloor heating underlay – this is specially designed to be used with underfloor heating systems and engineered hardwoods. It ensures there is no compromise of the temperature from the under floor heating system and does not malfunction. Engineered flooring that is used with underfloor heating can be loosely laid (floated) on top of the underlay by either gluing or clicking the planks together.
    • Fibre boards – should only be used with engineered wood flooring to help take out small unevenness in floor boards, and for providing a firm foundation for any engineered floor.
  • Scarifying – is the mechanical preparation of the surface. It i s also one of the methods to level a floor prior to placing a new type of flooring. Concrete scarifying will leave the surface clean and make it ready for a new flooring to be installed.
  • Diamond grinding – Concrete grinding machines normally use rotating heads to smooth and level the concrete surface. Diamond grinders will take off high spots or uneven joints to a depth of up to 3 mm. They are also used for removing sealers, paints and adhesives. The Flooring Group will bring back the balance to your floors. Our expert technicians have years of professional experience in sub-floor levelling and grinding, and deliver exceptional service at an affordable price.
  • Smoothing compound – this is a chemical mixture used to smooth both uneven concrete and wooden floors. All dust and debris must be removed from the surface prior to using the self-levelling compound. After placing, it should dry before proceeding to the instalment of the floor.
  • Moisture testing & the applications of surface damp-proof membranes – this is a method of checking the moisture with a moisture test kit. All concrete subfloors should be tested for moisture. Should the moisture levels be not within the flooring manufacturer’s recommendations,customers will have to reduce the moisture and humidity in the area. Damp proof membranes provide the necessary essential moisture suppression for the subfloors, and help protecting the installation for years to come.

We at The Flooring Group understand that subfloor preparation is as important as the installation process. Our expert team provides excellent preparation services to make sure that all flooring services you need is performed the exact way you want it.

For subfloor preparation choose The Flooring Group. Contact us today.

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