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Policy - Introduction text

The Flooring Group has been one of the main London flooring providers for over 40 years and also offers services throughout the South of England. Whether offering commercial London flooring services or retailing to homes through one of our various showrooms, The Flooring Group is proud to provide a service that exceeds requirements.

As part of this service, The Flooring Group has several policies to ensure that all retail, commercial London flooring and South of England services are up to a high standard. Our stringent Health & Safety Policy parameters are monitored constantly and are always met. Health & Safety of both customers and staff is The Flooring Group’s priority.

The Flooring Group is concerned with its impact on the environment. Our Environmental Policy showcases the various measures undergone to take this into consideration. From hiring staff who live locally, to using energy-efficient utilities and staff usage of public transport where possible, the environmental impact is a key focus of The Flooring Group’s strategy.

Our Quality Policy ensures that customers receive the service that they desire. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year installation guarantee on all residential installations, The Flooring Group has thrived from many decades from customer recommendations. Whether it is commercial flooring London, South of England or residential works, customer satisfaction has always been a hallmark of The Flooring Group.

The Equality Policy was designed to promote further diversity and equality throughout the company. The Flooring Group believes that a diversification of ideas, backgrounds and education ensures rich soil for the growth of ideas. We are proud of our diverse workforce and non-discriminatory record.

Whether in offering commercial flooring or residential flooring services, The Flooring Group has consistently sought a societally and locally-engaged Recruitment Policy. At the time of writing, 40% of staff have come through the business as trainees or apprentices. The Flooring Group’s management prides itself on the process of seeing the positive development of a young workforce into flooring thoroughbreds!

The Flooring Group has a fair and transparent dealmaking process. Our Anti-Bribery Policy acts as legislation upon all of the company’s practices, ensuring they act correctly and ethically.

Tied into the company’s environmental credentials, The Flooring Group’s Waste Policy has green companies disposing of waste from works in an ethical and productive manner. The business is committed to ensuring recyclable products can have a continued lifespan outside of the company. Throughout the South of England, our commercial flooring services headquartered from London place a huge emphasis on the correct disposal of wastage.

Rather than enable certain situations to occur, throughout The Flooring Group’s commercial flooring and retail outlets there is a Preventative Policy. Staff are trained in preventing all manner of accidents to ensure a safe and clean working environment. The Spill Policy and Emergency Policy play a key role in these procedures.

The Complaints Policy ensures that The Flooring Group is responsive and attentive to any complaints from all of our customers. Though rare in occurrence, the company recognises the importance of having a procedure in place to effectively deal with all such complaints and to work to ensure the customer is 100% satisfied with the works when they finish. This applies to all of our works throughout the South of England, including our residential and commercial London flooring services.

Should you have any further queries about our policies, please e-mail