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Professional Floor Sanding in London

If you’re thinking about revamping the wood floors in your home and you are in need of high-quality services for floor sanding in London, The Flooring Group is the place to go. We provide a complete floor sanding and restoration service for all kinds of hardwood and engineered wood flooring, including pine floorboards and parquet flooring.

Why Invest in Professional Floor Sanding

Sanding wood floors can remove any surface damage and reveal a good-as-new floor underneath the stains. It is usually done when the original finish of the flooring has worn away.

Sanding a floor requires knowledge and expertise. It is really hard and very messy work as it generates tonnes of fine sawdust. That is why we always recommend hiring a professional floor sander rather than attempting to do it yourself. We also use the best equipment and techniques for sanding floors to refinish the existing wooden surface.

With our team of experienced London flooring specialists, The Flooring Group can lay, install and fit completely new floors in all parts of London.You will finally enjoy all of the advantages of having wood flooring in your home or business premises.

Not sure what you need? Our team would be happy to advise you on sanding grits, stain colours and other finishes. Call us or send an email.

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Sansing & Sealing

Why Choose Our London Floor Sanding Services

The Flooring Group has built a reputation for providing excellent, fairly-priced, wooden floor refinishing services throughout London. Our highly-trained wood floor technicians are fully qualified tradesmen trades men with exceptional skills in floor sanding and wood floor restoration. Coupled with an attentive customer service team and dedicated project management, our floor sanding services are everything a homeowner or commercial building manager can hope for.

Let us transform your old and dull-looking wooden floors into vibrant, show-stopping pieces that will surely get plenty of positive comments and attention. When we’re done, you can once again show people into your living room with confidence or welcome customers, high-profile clients and potential partners into your offices with pride.

Over four decades’ worth of experience, unparalleled expertise and customer care — these are just some of what you can expect from The Flooring Group. You can trust us to treat your existing floors with care and respect your property while we work.

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Schedule Commercial Floor Sanding Services Today

Floors are the most dominant features in any room. Spruce them up, and you could instantly elevate the look and feel of an office, store or lobby.

If your commercial premises need a complete wood floor makeover, The Flooring Group is the company to approach. You’ll be amazed at what we can do for your scratched and dull office wood floors.

Our floor sanding and sealing service can make your wooden floor last longer (no need to take out a business loan to replace it earlier than the expected lifespan). We can reveal the smooth, flawless layer beneath the original finish to make the entire surface look clean and polished. It may seem trivial, but the truth is that gleaming floors reflect positively on your brand.

We understand that wood floors in public buildings, dance studios, gyms, etc. need more care and attention than domestic wood floors. For this reason, our commercial floor sanding process offers more than cosmetic retouching and involves the following:

  1. We replace damaged panels.
  2. We fill the gaps between floorboards.
  3. We polish the wood using high-performance sanding equipment.
  4. We let you select a colour to stain the wood.
  5. We refinish your floor.

To find out more about our commercial floor sanding in London or to book an appointment, please contact us today.

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Our Floor Sanding Process

The Flooring Group’s floor sanding process goes beyond cosmetic retouch.

  • Tell us how you want your floor to look like.

Let us know how you want your flooring to look like after the floor sanding process. This includes your preferred colours and finishes.

  • Let our floor sanding experts handle the job.

From repairing minor damages to laying new flooring materials, you can count on our floor sanding experts to do the job efficiently.

  • Showcase your flooring that looks good as new.

After we sand and restore your wooden floors, they’ll look good as new. Our services transform a dull room into a lively space.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do wooden floors require underlay?

Underlay, which is the thin material that provides insulation and sound reduction between the sub-floor and your actual flooring, is common for floating wooden floors. Fixed floors don’t require underlay because they’re directly attached to the sub-flooring.

  • Is wooden flooring suitable in all areas?

You’re free to use wooden flooring in any room at home or in your commercial establishment as long as the space isn’t damp or humid — that being said, it isn’t advisable for bathrooms. Any plaster and concrete on and surrounding the floor area should be fully dry, too. 

  • Is my wooden floor too damaged for sanding?

Most old wooden floorings look worse than they actually are. The peeling layers of old paint and varnish protect the wooden material underneath. Once we’re done sanding the surface, we can address your other concerns, such as cracks and dents, and make the flooring look good as new. 

  • How do I get started with floor sanding and restoration?

You can get started with professional floor sanding by scheduling a free consultation with us. The Flooring Group will take note of your floor sanding and restoration needs. Then, we’ll give you a quote and get to work.