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The 2021 Commercial Flooring Trends You Need to Watch

Commercial floor cleaning trends

Is your workspace in desperate need of an upgrade? Are you moving into a new space and aren’t sure where to start?

Good news: Commercial flooring is no longer limited to carpet, linoleum, and ceramics. 

2021 offers a range of commercial floor trends that are both sustainable and easy to install. 

Want to pick the best one? 

Keep scrolling to find out the top 2021 commercial flooring trends you can choose from!


Both pattern and traditional wood floor designs are aesthetically pleasing to look at. Plus, they add resale value to your business. 

The natural look of wood flooring will give your office a warm, inviting atmosphere. Employees report a 15 percent higher attitude when working in a space with natural features. That’s a positive brand identity for your business. 

A downside to hardwood flooring, is that they can wear fast if there is heavy foot traffic. Don’t panic though! There are options for scuff and scratch-resistant wood flooring. 

Plus, if you have a reliable company, it’ll be easy to replace this kind of commercial flooring. 

It’s also one of the more comfortable floorings for people who work on their feet all day. And as far as trends go, wood is always in. 

Luxury Vinyl

The Holy Grail of commercial flooring. Luxury Vinyl flooring is affordable, durable, and easy to install. It’s also a favourite among pattern flooring. 

Luxury Vinyl comes in a variety of colours, including a wood finish. So if hardwood flooring is out of your price range, luxury vinyl is a reliable alternative. 

Since there is no glue required, you can install it over the top of any existing floor to save on costs too!

So what are the downsides?

It’s not as scratch-resistant as concrete or tile, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to scratch. Another downside is that the materials used to manufacture vinyl are not bio-degradable

This is a big hit for companies looking for sustainable materials. 


Not the warmest option, but the best for high-traffic office spaces. It’s tough, durable, and easy to maintain. The best part? It lasts forever. 

Wood floors give a more traditional brand identity. Polished concrete gives a more modern, industrialised look for office floors. 

Polished concrete is the best option for your business if you are looking for something quick and easy. It’s scratch, stain, and wear resistant. 

Not all businesses meet the requirements for this type of flooring. Before you sign off, make sure yours does. 

Get the Best Commercial Flooring for Your Business 

Upgrade the look of your office with these top commercial flooring trends! 

Your employees and guests will feel more comfortable. You’ll also create a professional brand identity without breaking the bank! 

The Flooring Group is ready to help with all your commercial flooring needs! Transform your business with responsibly-sourced materials, custom floor plans, and easy installation! 

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