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5 Best Wood Floor Materials

So, you’ve decided to get brand new wood flooring installed.

It’s a great choice, but it’s really just the beginning of your decision making, seeing as there’s tons of wooden materials to pick from these days.

Finding the best wood floors for your home is a tricky exercise, so we’ve drawn upon our own expertise to explain why these five are among the best.


Where to begin! Maple flooring comes with a multitude of benefits, so a great option for a variety of very specific needs.

Firstly, it simply looks stunning, and in fact, this can easily compliment both modern and traditional home décor with equal distinction. 

If you’re conscious about your health, then maple can also prove hugely advantageous, and that’s because this comes with excellent resistance to dust particles, which can cause respiratory problems if they become airborne.


Another stylish choice, walnut flooring adopts very warm and cosy tones, so perfect for bedrooms and lounge areas, in which people typically unwind.

It’s also common for walnut floors to adopt intricate patterns, the likes of which can add a real sense of character across rooms.

Over time, walnut flooring will also mature, so expect the colouring to eventually appear slightly more rustic. When this happens, the floor should give off a more luxurious tone, and one that helps solidify your home as one with impeccable taste.


Warm, cosy vibes made from red tones would probably suggest how Cherry flooring got its name. This material has gained plaudits for a number of years for its beautiful finish, one that helps establish a real sense of harmony within homes.

Cherry flooring is also smooth, making this pleasant to walk on for both people and pets. You’ll also enjoy fantastic acoustics when watching TV, as sound seamlessly reverberates off Cherry flooring to create a loud and dynamic atmosphere.


For many years, oak has been among the most popular, mainly due to its long lasting endurance, made possible from outstanding hard wearing qualities.

Given its popularity, this flooring type has an abundance of styles and dimensions available, so finding the perfect solution for your home is much easier.

This flooring has often been the best choice for traditionalists who like their home décor to remain old fashioned, but in a way that gives off a prestigious impression.


Conscious about the planet? Then bamboo flooring could be what you’re looking for. The material is the most sustainable, as bamboo matures in a fraction of the time it takes hardwoods.

The versatility of bamboo means installation is suitable for pretty much any subfloor type, and in most cases, this will be far cheaper compared to other materials on the market.

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