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5 Reasons To Not Wear Shoes In The House

It does not matter if you are a renter or a homeowner – the cost for making your flooring is considerably big and you try to avoid spilling, stains and scratches. Have you considered removing the shoes once you set foot inside? No? Let us change your mind in that regard,

Not wearing shoes inside is common to most Eastern Nations, who believe that the home is a sacred place that you should never damage or pollute with what you carry from outside. A recent survey showed that the home air and general environment will drastically be changed, if the residents take off their shoes inside. Let us show you some of the benefits of this easy step
Avoid damage to the flooring.

    1. Avoid damage to the flooring. Whether you have cream carpets, wooden floors or any other light coloured flooring, you risk polluting and damaging it with the street dirt stuck up in your shoes. Scratches can be caused by the smallest dust that you carry inside. And think about the time you will spend cleaning afterwards.

    2. Minimise the bacteria. A recent survey showed that on our shoes there are more than 421,000 microorganisms and bacteria residing. All those come inside and stick on the floor or float in the air, where they could be easily inhaled. Why risk additional infections and respiratory problems, when there is a way to avoid that?

    3. Cluttering up the premises. It is estimated that most women possess an average 24 pairs of shoes. All tossed in different places around the house will not only clutter but create an environment that will help fungus, mould or other dirt grow. When all those shoes are left in one storage place near the front door, not only the home will be more organised, but the risk of contamination will be significantly decreased.

    4. General protection. When entering with your shoes on, you bring all kind of contamination inside in your private space. Toxins, road dirt and other cancer causing particles are now living inside just as you do. No one can take that risk and willingly commit to any harmful disease.

    5. Walking barefoot is healthy. Being clothed and with shoes all day long, your body and feet need to rest. Walking directly on the floor with socks not only help you relax, but will keep your home clean longer. And it is a well know fact that walking barefoot helps the blood circulation, stimulated the spine and keeps you in an uptight regular position.

Maybe it is time to consider taking off your shoes. You will save up a lot of money for boosting your immune system and general health, cleaning with strong hazardous chemicals and making the floorings.