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Adam Carpets

The Flooring Group is delighted to announce a new partnership with Adam Carpets.

Below, Adam Carpets explain what they will be bringing to The Flooring Group and our customers;


Every single colour, of every single range of carpet that we sell, is made in the Adam Carpets factory in Kidderminster.

Adam Carpets test every batch of every carpet range that we make to ensure that our high standards of quality are maintained.

We only use the finest materials available to make our carpets and we will not cheapen them by using sub-standard ingredients.

Adam Carpets use Wool in all our domestic ranges with the vast majority being 80% Wool/20% Nylon. This has been proved to be the finest blend that you can use.

In all our ranges Adam Carpets are proud to use British Wool. This wool is prized for its bulk and springy handle. It is ideally suited for carpets that will wear well and retain their wonderful appearance to give you lasting pleasure and comfort.

Adam Carpets Awarded ISO 9001

We gained the ISO 9001:2000 certification in the summer of 2004. In January 2009 we have received approval to ISO 9001:2008.

What is it?

bttgISO 9001 is an internationally recognised standard for quality management systems within an organisation.
Adam Carpets operates a documented quality management system certified to ISO9001:2008 which is regularly audited for compliance to this standard.

The system ensures that materials, processes, finished products and services are all of satisfactory quality.

Why have we got it?

The discipline required within our manufacturing processes to achieve and maintain ISO 9001, means that we can consistently provide the highest quality products, teamed with the best possible service to our customers.

ISO 9001 also requires any company holding certification to continually strive for improvements in both goods and services – this benefits both Adam Carpets and our customers.

Why is it important?

We want our customers to have confidence in us as a company, and to be assured that our products are of a consistent and satisfactory quality.

ISO 9001 is a signpost to the customer that Adam Carpets is a company committed to maintaining and improving its products and services in order to meet the customers’ requirements.


Adam Carpets is committed to sustainability and that is why we:

Create our fine carpets with wool, a renewable fibre which is grown in the UK.

We continue to innovate to find ways to reduce our waste to landfill:

In the four years to the end of 2011, we had reduced our landfill waste by over 60%

In 2012 we moved to zero waste to landfill

Projects that we have undertaken include:

Segregating a waste stream and giving it to a local charity for art classes

Developing a bi-product from a waste product as a raw material for a paper mill

Turning two waste materials into what is needed to make carpet underlay

Recycling energy and water in our dyehouse so that they are re-used

We have also been active participants in several industry-leading environmental developments, including the trial of filtered fine wool fibres into animal bedding.

Use a sustainable product like Wool in all of our domestic ranges.

The Process

The process of making a quality carpet starts with the farmer. Most of the wool we use comes from British farmers, the rest is from New Zealand.

The start of the process is shearing, where the sheep is sheared and the wool is then collected and scoured (washed!).

Once the wool is scoured it is sent to a spinning mill.

The yarn is then spun and it is sent to us here in Kidderminster. The yarns are delivered in ‘hanks’ (a hank is where the yarn is loosely wound into a large ring shape).

We then go through the scouring (washing) process the hanks again, before dyeing them to the colour we want.

We believe in scouring the hanks again as our testing has shown that the dye takes to the yarn a lot better, giving better clarity of colour.

The hanks are then spun to get as much water out of the yarns as possible (think of a spin dryer on its side and much bigger!). You do not want too much moisture left in the yarn, as this could affect the evenness of the colour.

The hanks are then loaded onto rollers (which continuously rotate to give an even colour) and pass through an giant steel oven at over 130 degrees.

Once dried the hanks are then taken for winding. This is where the yarns are put onto cones (think bobbins for cotton on a sewing machine, only bigger).

Now these cones could be used to make creels and be put straight into a tufting machine. However, you have to make a lot of cones and that process of tufting is as efficient as beaming.

Beaming is where the cones are used to put the yarns onto beams (giant metal cotton reels). Adam Carpets are one of only a few companies to use beaming. This enables to make smaller batches of carpets, meaning we can manufacture and stock more colours.

Adam Carpets then start to manufacture the carpet on our modern tufting machines.

Once the carpet is tufted, it requires a secondary backing. At Adam Carpets, we have the ability to ‘back’ the carpets in the same building as we tuft them. Our backing plant is amongst the most efficient and modern in the UK.

The carpets are then stored until an order is received. We then cut it and deliver it to your local family retailer.

At Adam Carpets, we believe in family values. That’s why most of our customers are family run independent carpet shops.

We believe they offer a first class professional service with that family feel.

Many of their customers are families too and so the majority of our carpets end up being laid in family homes.

That’s why we have a rigorous testing procedure for every batch of every carpet we make. After all we wouldn’t want to put a carpet onto the floor of any family, which we wouldn’t put onto our own family floor.

From the Farmers Family to our Family to your Family.

Adam Carpets, family business, family values.

Adam Carpets Timeline

• 1860 Mr. Adam and Mr. Tomkinson join together to manufacture carpet
• 1926 Adam Carpets is formed on the current site in Kidderminster
• 1979 Adam cease making woven Axminster and start tufting carpet
• 1991 Fine Worcester Twist is first produced
• 1992 Adam Carpets becomes first UK manufacturer to produce 5m wide carpet
• 1997 Kasbah Twist is launched
• 1999 Overtufted, patterned, wool tufted carpet is produced for the first time
• 2002 Adam Carpets purchase Servo Loop machine to produce Natural Perceptions
• 2003 Adam Carpets start to use some of its own vehicles to deliver to customers
• 2007 Mr. Chris Adam succeeds his father Mr. David Adam as Managing Director and becomes fourth generation of family to run Adam Carpets
• 2010 Adam Carpets purchase new high speed tufting machine for even better production of Fine Worcester Twist
• 2012 Adam Carpets launch new logo

The History of Adam Carpets

1860 In the 1860s a number of carpet companies began to weave to meet the demand for carpet from fast-growing cities in the UK. Among them were Tomkinson and Adam, two families which joined together in Kidderminster and began weaving first, Chenille and then Spool Axminster.

This partnership lasted until 1926, when the Adam family left the partnership and built a new factory a mile away, again making Spool Axminster patterned carpet.


By the end of the 1970s, the growth in tufted production and sales had impacted on carpet weavers, so Adam Carpets moved into tufting and eventually closed the weaving side of their business.
The tufting was successful, led by colour, design, style and quality, and the company grew serving both the retail and the commercial sectors. With its own dye house on the same site, special colours for Contract projects were immediately available, and this continues today.


In 1991, Adam Carpets launched Fine Worcester Twist. This product was made to the highest specification for a domestic twist and it has since become almost as famous as Adam Carpets itself. Fine Worcester Twist is regarded by many in the trade as the finest Twist pile carpet available. This year it celebrates its 21st birthday.
The nineties continued to see Adam Carpets push the boundaries of carpet manufacturing.


In 1992, they opened a new 5 metre wide backing plant, whilst at the same time extending the width on their tufting machines. The result was that Adam Carpets became the first UK manufacturer to produce 5 metre wide carpet.


Adam Carpets wanted to stretch themselves further in terms of carpet manufacture. Kasbah Twist was introduced and immediately became an instant success. Its unique 5/32 gauge gave it a look and feel that no one else could match. Kasbah Twist remains highly successful today, once again proving Adam Carpets knack for producing carpets with style and longevity.


During 1999, Adam Carpets bought an overtuft machine which increased their reputation as innovators within the industry. They were able to make a plain ground carpet and then send it through the overtuft machine, where a pattern was tufted into the plain ground. Adam Carpets were now able to offer a wool patterned carpet at a fraction of the price of a woven one. That first range was Inspirations and it is still made today.


In 2002, another new machine was purchased. This time is was a new style loop machine that ran with Servo motors. This enabled the carpet to have different pile heights across the width, over 100 in fact. This was the only machine of its type within the northern hemisphere. Natural Perceptions was the first range produced and it remains unique to this day.


Adam Carpets is well known for its quality products and serves the mid to upper sector of the market. It’s strapline of Colour, Quality and Style certainly reflects the company ethos, as its main lines can offer up to 65 colours, it predominantly uses 80/20 wool/nylon blends in its ranges and it’s ranges have accumulated many awards and accolades over the years. The most recent seeing it’s Boulevard range shortlisted for Best Carpet at the 2011 House Beautiful Awards.The factory where all Adam Carpets products are made has modern, high quality manufacturing equipment. They also deliver most of the carpets on their own vehicles direct to retail and commercial customers in England, Scotland and Wales.

2012 The tradition of family ownership and management continues to this day, with the fourth generation Chris Adam, Managing Director.The continuity of traditional family values coupled with modern machinery and high quality raw materials provides customers with high quality and good value carpet – a standard which Adam Carpets are determined to maintain.