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All Purpose Or Specially Tailored Flooring Adhesives?

In this article we will discuss the topic about choosing the right flooring adhesive. We are going to present the advices of Neil Sanders. London flooring contractors may choose from a great variety of adhesives, available on the market. Sometimes they choose the popular all-purpose adhesive instead of adhesive, produced for the particular subfloor. Learn more:

  • If London flooring contractors choose the wrong adhesive, their mistake may have a high price. Each flooring project must be considered as individual, so the appropriate flooring adhesive must be selected in order to guarantee long-lasting final results.
  • According to London flooring experts, there general purpose adhesives, which may be used for a great variety of flooring types. However, every flooring project represents a different challenge.
  • According to London flooring specialists, relying on specially tailored flooring adhesive may contribute to the optimum connection between floorcovering and subfloor. In addition the durability and the aesthetic look of the flooring installation will be much better. Before selecting the proper adhesive, London flooring contractors advise you to think about wider building ambiance; simplicity of application and the expected usage of the flooring.
  • In case London flooring experts don’t use the necessary adhesive or they apply it incorrectly, then there is a danger of costly remedial and laborious performance. For instance, the carpet may pull around the edges and it will not fit permanently and equally to the subfloor. Consequently, the London flooring company may create safety and health risk.
  • London flooring specialists advise to turn to manufacturers’ guides to adhesive compatibility in order to select the most appropriate flooring adhesive. Moreover – London flooring contractors should consider up-to-date manufacturer guidelines.
  • For stunning final results, London flooring manufacturers regularly test compatibility between new or updated floorcoverings and adhesives. Otherwise, if London flooring contractors apply a old adhesive without verifying if it’s currently compatible, costly mistakes are possible.
  • In addition of compatibility, there are projects that require special adhesive, able to support the final purpose of the finished floor. Let’s take for example retail spaces where the flooring adhesive can be combined with synthetic polymer sealer in order to deliver a release bond. This way easy and fast removal of textile floorcoverings is ensured.
  • How to select the right adhesive from the wide range of products available on the market? London flooring experts advise to consider several factors. At first place, London flooring specialists put the advice of the manufacturers in order to provide compatibility of the flooring structure and the adhesive. Second of all, London flooring companies have to consider the environmental conditions surrounding the project.

Finally London flooring experts must consider the type of floorcovering which is going to be installed.

Neil Sanders – technical director for F Ball and Co
T: 01538 361633

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